A nice sentence for the treasure

Sometimes I have the urgent need to make a special declaration of love to my wife – above and beyond the normal daily mab that goes without saying for me. Yes, if you like, I’m more the romantic type.

Legendary greasepaint sentences

The other day was another one of those days. Since I couldn’t think of anything suitable even in this heat, I searched online for legendary schmaltz sentences from great films.

"I’m looking you in the eye, little one" , once said in the hit movie "casablanca" rick (humphrey bogart) to ilsa (ingrid bergman). Well, my wife doesn’t see everything mega sharp anymore, so I found this inappropriate.

Then also mr. Darcy

Then I came across the following sentence from mr. Darcy (colin firth): "i should tell you that you have bewitched me completely and that i love, love, love you"." Very much so, but because of "pride and prejudice (which I will never understand) is the favorite ham of my wife, my plagiarism would have been noticed immediately.

But then, at last, I got smart. By loriot, whose dry humor still delights me the umpteenth time I listen to it. In his film "odipussi he once whispered something to evelyn hamann, something that, according to his own information, he had never said to a woman before. And that also somehow fitted in with the prevailing dryness.

Strange reaction

I printed out the sentence, memorized it, went to my wife, rolled my eyes slightly and hissed: "i’m going to push you down the niagara trap in a barrel." I waited for the reaction. But somehow it turned out differently than expected. Three days she did not speak to. I don’t know what I did wrong.

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