All good things come in twos

All good things come in twos

It is decided. Ralf pohl is the SPD candidate for the state parliamentary elections in the constituency of kronach/lichtenfels. The kronach district chairman won clearly against his lichtenfels colleague sebastian muller on saturday morning in theisenort sports home. With 62:22 votes, the delegates of the two district associations voted for the 53-year-old.
"I am very pleased with the result, which is an incentive and motivation for me", so ralf pohl. His competitor sebastian muller congratulated him and said: "i am a little sad, but the disappointment is limited". The 30-year-old, who a little later was unanimously proposed as a two-vote candidate for the state parliament, now sees a possibility that the two counties of kronach and lichtenfels can represent the region with two SPD candidates in the state parliament next year.

Ehrhardt renounces

During the meeting susann biedefeld was elected as district candidate. The member of the state parliament from altenkunstadt received only 61 votes out of 81 valid votes. Accordingly, the applause was limited.
Some delegates were upset that the candidate was traveling instead of being there in person. Some of those present had firmly expected timo ehrhardt, the mayor of ludwigsstadt, to be the SPD candidate for the district parliament.
The latter conceded that he had made himself available if no proposal had been made. But he thinks it is right that the people of lichtenfels have a candidate from their ranks after the decision for the state parliament. "It is known", so ehrhardt, who was unanimously proposed as a two-vote candidate for the district parliament.

Committed speech

Before that, the two candidates for the state parliament gave their speeches. Ralf pohl, who is often rather reserved, gave a committed speech. Some comrades were surprised and astonished. The kupser referred to his good result in the last state election, in which he only narrowly failed to get into the maximilianeum. "I don't want to become anything, I want to make a difference for the people", stressed pohl.
He also made it clear in which area he sees an urgent need for action. Among other things, he mentioned a good infrastructure and better rail and transport links. In the area of education, he spoke out in favor of a comprehensive school, because only in this way does he see a possibility of maintaining the schools in the rural area in the long term.
According to him, local public transport must be expanded, for example, with call buses, shared taxis, etc. "The free state must demand such facilities in the long term!" He clearly spoke out against the construction of power lines. "It can't be that the other regions get highways and expressways and we get power lines!" And he stressed that the SPD in bavaria could not match the personnel and money of the CSU. "If we have to achieve something, we need the better ideas!"
Prior to this, the mayor of lichtenfels, andreas hugerich, had officially proposed sebastian muller as the SPD candidate for the state parliamentary elections. "He stands for a new way, which our party so urgently needs", he said about the 30-year-old. "I want to be there for everyone, emphasized sebastian muller. He had written in his speech, among other things, the health care and care, the creation of attractive housing on the flag written. He spoke of a family center where all social and church associations are brought together under one roof, and he pledged bipartisan cooperation when it comes to the region.

Only two delegates were missing

The fact that the SPD base in both districts took the candidates' campaign very seriously became clear from the remarks made by the chairman of the meeting, oliver jauernig. He announced that out of 86 possible delegates, 84 were present. 62 of them came from kronach, 22 from lichtenfels.
SPD district chairwoman anette kramme (bayreuth) and state parliament member klaus adelt (hof) were also present at the nomination meeting. The latter pointed out that not only the SPD but also the CSU is losing votes. "Since then, those in the state parliament have become friendlier".
The SPD has been able to achieve a number of things in the state parliament, for example by persuading the CSU to improve the finances of municipalities and infrastructures in rural areas.

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