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Fun, cabaret and dear friends

TSV thundorf celebrated its 50th anniversary for four days with a colorful and varied program (we reported). The festival was marked by the visit of the swiss friends from thundorf in thurgau. A total of 29 people arrived by bus on saturday and stayed until sunday afternoon. The friendship between the two places with the same name really began in 1989, at the 1100th anniversary celebration in switzerland. At that time a 79 strong delegation from lower franconia traveled there. Turnusgemab then took place in the course of the years again and again meetings in both thundorfs.

Bench and nub tree

The swiss group was led by the newly elected president of the municipality daniel kirchmeier and the councillor responsible for culture felix jenni. The swiss met in the town hall, where they were received by mayor egon kloffel. Here everyone signed the golden book of the community and mayor kirchmeier expressed his joy about the friendly reception. As a gift, the guests from thurgau brought a sturdy bench, decorated with both local coats of arms carved into it, and a nub tree. They transported both gifts with them on sunday during the procession and also distributed kase from their local barracks to the spectators at the side of the road.

Wirecard core business goes to santander

Shortly before the first meeting of the creditors of the wirecard scandal group, the spanish merchant bank santander buys the core business of the insolvent payment processor.

The spaniards take over the technology and business operations, the 500 or so remaining employees can also transfer. This was announced by insolvency administrator michael jaffe and santander late on monday evening. This wednesday, jaffe will report on the situation of the former dax company, which collapsed after a fraud scandal and is heavily in debt, at the first creditor meeting in munich.

Consumer users successfully sue against google provisions

The regional court of berlin declared a total of 25 clauses illegal, as the federation of german consumer organizations (vzbv) announced on tuesday. They had been formulated too vaguely or had inadmissibly restricted the rights of consumers. The ruling is not yet legally binding, google wants to appeal.

13 of the clauses are about data protection. In its data protection declaration, google has reserved the right, among other things, to "possibly" collect device-specific information and location data or "under certain circumstances" to combine personal data from the various google services, explained vzbv head gerd billen. For consumers, it remained unclear exactly what they were supposed to agree to, he criticized.

The bee love drives strange bleedings

So that no wrong impression arises: "we see it very gladly, if bees are held", says the chairman of the beekeepers’ association of munnerstadt and the surrounding area, dieter scholzke. But when he runs into a swarm of bees on his way home from work, he knows something is wrong. "The bees were completely disoriented, normally now no more black bees fly, that is totally unusual", he says. The experienced beekeeper knows the term for such a case. "This was a hunger swarm."

Such a swarm can only occur with improper beekeeping, female dieter scholzke. The bees were obviously not fed. It is becoming more and more common for people to put a hive in their garden, not care about it, and then go on vacation. This is how these hungry bees. "Before they starve, they leave the hive", says dieter schozke. "Then they beg into other colonies and maybe bring the varroa mite with them." Or even the foulbrood, a bee disease. As chairman of the beekeepers’ association with the educational apiary, he couldn’t accept that.

In the crossfire of criticism

Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) had a great deal to report at the town hall meeting in the multipurpose hall. The spectrum ranged from the church square to the water supply to wastewater and the "vexed issue" multi-purpose hall. Day care will not be available as soon as desired because caritas and diakonie are not prepared to operate it. There will be a cistern in the school and churchyard into which the water from the town hall, the school, the youth center and one side of the church roof will flow, according to zehner. The water is to be used as loschwasser and to the gieben. The only drawback is the cost: the schoolyard alone costs 1.3 million euros instead of one million, and the entire renovation costs 1.9 million euros, including the youth center. The municipality receives 800,000 euros in subsidies, which means that it has to raise 1.1 million itself. "The budget gives it, that does not hurt us yet. This would be possible without debt, if this was the only purchase", commented the mayor.

In 2014, the municipality was connected to the wastewater association of the upper werntal communities. Since then, the measured wastewater quantities have been criticized again and again. For this reason, the municipality called in the arbitration board at the district office in schweinfurt. Fridolin zehner calculated that the municipality sells about 120 cubic meters of drinking water per day, most of which ends up back in the sewer. However, the measurement results for the wastewater are often much higher. The reason has apparently been found: a backwater was able to form at the measuring device. The damage is repaired, said tenner. The mayor also discussed the construction of the new water supply system. It is planned to build new concrete deep tanks or steel high tanks with a capacity of two times 200 cubic meters at the johannesberg. The municipality is recovering a large part of the costs of around 1.6 million euros from the residents: everyone is expected to pay around 90 cents per square meter of land. About six euros per square meter of floor space will be dropped. The owners of undeveloped building plots pay instead six euros per square meter for a quarter of the plot area. Zehner hopes that this will be an incentive for the owners of some undeveloped plots to sell after all, because there are many young people who want to build.

Dihk survey: companies more confident

Dihk survey: companies more confident

"2013 has the potential to be a good year for the economy," said martin wansleben, chief executive of the german chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK), in berlin. There the DIHK presented its new economic survey on tuesday.

More than 28,000 companies from the SME sector were surveyed for the study. The proportion of pessimists fell from 22 to 18 percent compared with the fall. Around 62 percent of companies (fall: 60) expect their business to continue as before over the next few months. 20 percent believe sales will improve, up from 18 percent in the fall.