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Lower franconia: two boys break through the ice while playing

It is currently bitterly cold in france, colder than ever this year. Nevertheless, most of the ice flats are not yet sustainable. Anyone who enters it nevertheless puts their life in danger. Recently, for example, the municipal garden office in bamberg had issued an impressive warning against walking on ice patches in bamberg.

Ice skating possible at konigsbad in forchheim
how dangerous a non-heeding of such warnings can be became clear on sunday in aschaffenburg in lower franconia. As the police reported on monday, two boys (both 9 years old) were playing on the schontalsee shortly before 12 o’clock on sunday. They suddenly collapsed through the frozen surface layer of ice and were up to their hips in water. The lake currently has a water depth of just under one meter.

Police apprehend burglar

police apprehend burglar

Already at the beginning of august it was discovered that the fence of the farm land had been cut open and that someone had entered the farm building. Two coarse copper kettles were dismantled and stolen. In addition, two laptops were missing from a buroraum.

Due to the circumstances of the crime, it was obvious to the police from the start that an employee was involved. After it was discovered on tuesday in the company that several windows were inadmissibly unlocked from the inside, the police initiated appropriate surveillance measures, which led to success and the arrest of the two men already in the first night. Both were observed entering through a previously unlocked window, helping themselves to various cable parts and then wanting to take away their loot worth about 4,000 euros in a car.

“Cassini” should spark until the end

Before its final crash into saturn, the nasa space probe "cassini" is to collect some spectacular data. In the remaining two and a half weeks it is to make among other things still recordings of the luminous saturn aurora, announced nasa on tuesday in pasadena.

Researchers also hope to obtain new information about the temperature and the vortices at the poles of the gas planet. The camera of the space probe is already on the 14. September, one day before the controlled crash, shut down. When "cassini" finally descends into the atmosphere, data on the composition of the saturn atmosphere will be transmitted to earth via radio waves – until contact is broken after a maximum of two minutes.

Infantry school hammelburg soon competent for ksk?

Since 29. On may 5, a working group in the federal ministry of defense looked into the incidents in the special forces command (KSK) and drew up 60 measures for reforming the unit. The final report is clear: it can’t stay the way it is, and the KSK can’t reform on its own. Early in the report, as the fourth point, it is demanded that "the training sector of the KSK be placed under the command of the infantry training center" becomes. This center has its seat on the hammelburg camp hill. But no one there or in berlin can say exactly what that means. "Now the task is to evaluate the results of the working group and implement the mabnahmen", said a spokesman for the ministry of defense, referring to autumn: at the end of october, a decision will be made on whether and how to continue with the KSK.

The special commando was founded in 1996: in 1994, belgian special units had rescued german citizens during the genocide in rwanda, because the federal republic did not have its own unit for such operations. In june 1995, the federal government decided to set up the KSK, at 20. September 1996 the unit was officially put into service, from april 1997 it was deployed worldwide, among others in the balkans and afghanistan.

Giant cash theft: tuckish poisonous plant spreads

Not only the people feel good in this midsummer. Nature also bleeds, unfortunately also those plants, on which one can do without gladly. In munnerstadt, the giant periwinkle has spread – this is bad, because the plant is poisonous and can cause very unpleasant skin lesions. The gardeners of the city's building yard have had to go out several times this summer to remove the perennials. At the same time, the city workers have to work very carefully. They protect themselves with protective suits so that they do not injure themselves on the plants. "They are dangerous", also confirmed by stefan sluzar, head of the city's building department.

He attributes the fact that the plants are thriving so well this year to the wet spring and the warm summer. "Last year it was not so bad", says the head of the building yard. The city's gardeners and the forestry workers had an eye for the places where the shrubs particularly like to grow. But they have also received tips from the public. This was gladly accepted, assures reiner straub from the city's building department. "We can not be everywhere", he says. Therefore one is glad about such tips. It is important that the shrubs are removed, adds straub. Stefan sluzar and the workers in the building yard have observed that the giant cash thief grows especially frequently near beehives. 30 or 40 years ago the barenklau was a popular bee pasture. At that time, no one could have imagined how problematic this plant could become.

Uwe ochsenknecht has partnership tip up his sleeve

Uwe ochsenknecht (64) advises couples on a simple trick to determine if there is too much routine and habit in the relationship.

"I have to ask myself a simple question: did i treat my partner the way i treat him now the day i met him?? Many probably had to deny that," the actor told the "augsburger allgemeine". "There are so many interesting things you can do together, one lifetime is not enough. It’s also important not to lose respect for the other person. You can’t get used to each other."

Politics around the falterturm

Politics around the falterturm

A bit of luck is part of life. But of course it is also about meaningful chess moves. Perhaps this is why the logo of the recently founded prokitzingen association is reminiscent of toy figures grouped around the falter tower? Secretary helga muller laughs – and shakes her head: "no, the figures symbolize that we are close to the burghers and make politics from kitzingen for kitzingen."

Acting smart is nevertheless important – that's what seasoned mannerists like franz bohm and hans schardt have long known. The two city councilors split off from the CSU a good five years ago and founded their own political grouping: prokitzingen.

On the trail of josef mengele

Sigismund von dobschutz "only with the form of the novel could i get as close as possible to the macabre life of the nazi doctor", writes french journalist and author olivier guez (44) in the sourcebook of his novel "the disappearance of josef mengele," which won the prix renaudot in france in 2017, now published by aufbau-verlag in august. Only in this way can guez succeed not only in creating the abstract figure of german history and the "angel of death from auschwitz", but also in creating a new and different kind of "story" but also to show josef mengele (1911-1979) as a human being between fear of death and arrogance during his 35 years of pitiful life in latin american hiding places.

On the basis of countless sources, guez vividly describes mengele’s first years in argentina under the protection of a circle of nazi hoodlums who had also fled and who had already aligned themselves with the autocratic peron regime. Mengele leads a carefree life, since the federal republic is more concerned with reconstruction than with international war crime hunting. This only changes when, in the early sixties, the hessian attorney general fritz bauer blasts off to hunt down the war criminals and the auschwitz trials take place.

Other plagiarism hunters refrained from attacking schavan

Other plagiarism hunters refrained from attacking schavan

Berlin plagiarism researcher debora weber-wulff told "spiegel online". The chairwoman of the bundestag’s education committee, ulla burchardt (SPD), called for an official clearinghouse to be set up by the state to remove accusations of plagiarism from the anonymity of the internet.

The detection of plagiarism should not be left to anonymous internet platforms alone, burchardt said in an interview with the german press agency dpa. "Too often, individual interests, competitive thinking and rivalries among scientists are also at play – something that sometimes occurs not only in business enterprises, but also in universities."