“Better opportunities for children”

Decker immediately answered the question of whether a school expansion costing a good 1.1 million could still be justified in today’s world: "we wanted to go along with the ministry of education’s quality offensive and expand the range of schools on offer. An elementary school close to home with an in-depth requirement in the bound all-day school, a middle school with a strong vocational and practical orientation – here young people prepare particularly intensively for training and professional life. I think that businesses and trades are now eagerly awaiting such school leavers."

At the same time, the intermediate school-leaving certificate also enables students to continue on to a technical secondary school or even to obtain a general higher education entrance qualification and to enter a grammar school. "The domestic economy needs middle school graduates", decker stressed.

The association’s chairman hoped that parents would take advantage of the expanded opportunities offered by such a form of education for their children. Quoting former german president roman herzog, decker concluded: "we must not only think of the high intelligence, but also of the children who grasp the world with both hands." These children were in good hands at the neuenmarkt-wirsberg school and later also had good chances of finding an apprenticeship place.

According to deputy district administrator jorg kunstmann, it is impossible to imagine school life without all-day care, and it is socially desirable. "We as school authorities, be it the county or the municipalities, also want to comply with this social will."

What the children and involved craftsmen say about the new offer, you can read on wednesday in the bayerische rundschau.

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