Can these eyes see?

Michael bush sometimes chance helps. Looking into the archives, the editor’s gaze lingers on a report from 2006. February, almost exactly twelve years ago. It was about the astrologer and fortune teller patricia bahrani, who at the time wanted to draw attention to herself and the future in a fortune-telling session in herzogspark.

What was all true?

Well, after more than a decade apart, you can see what has come out of the forecasts. The fortune teller said at the time, a year before the local elections: "no, nothing really decisive will change at the local elections in 2008"." Why, herzogenaurach is well governed, she explained. Ms. Bahrani’s prediction was summarized in one sentence: "dear german hacker, there are no real chances for an SPD candidate to be elected mayor."

The reality we know today. The unchallenged candidate even had his name re-elected in 2014. But already at that time there was a plan B, if it had not worked out with the prediction: "unless his personal data is correct. Because what is the latitude for a city can be calculated for a person by the date of his birthday." Obviously the numbers were right, so that the arbitrariness of the original statement could be confirmed again. Because: "if the numbers are correct, then I can make my predictions with a hundred percent accuracy", says the "prophetess.

Nevertheless, the people of herzogenaurach were happy to hear that the daughter of an indian and an austrian, who ran an ayurveda practice in roth near nurnberg, had a lot to say about the sports city. The tranquil town of herzogenaurach will remain peaceful, because "no murders, child abductions or rampages are to be seen." No natural disasters either. Whether it was the flood relief that made the floods less threatening or the fortune-telling that underpinned this is difficult to prove in retrospect.

She was completely wrong about fubball at that time. "Germany battles with france for second place in the soccer world cup, brazil becomes world champion. They have not only the better football players, but also the better constellation." It turned out quite differently and is now also known.

He did not see his own fate

Interesting was another prediction: terrorist attacks will occur in paris from august and in madrid in september. In principle correct, but only scarcely ten years later and also the months were not completely correct. But anyway – the direction was right.

What probably didn’t work at all was the clairvoyance in the direction of one’s own life path. Because in 2011 she was put on the wanted list for fraud, the case made it as far as the show "aktenzeichen XY"…Unpeaceful". She stole tens of thousands of euros from a pensioner for an allegedly lucrative jewel deal. And his own son francesko schwennold also followed in his mother’s clairvoyant footsteps. In advertisements he wrote: "astrologer and parapsychologist francesco S. Comes to berlin!". Via skype he made his diagnoses after preliminary referrals.

A postscript and without any coffee guessing: patricia bahrani was wanted with a european as well as a german warrant at that time. In addition, there were several residence investigations by various public prosecutors. From the criminal police kempten it was currently to learn that the procedure at the police is completed, but not yet legally. Obviously there is a difference between telling the truth and telling the truth.

And a second addendum: the then writing editor bernhard panzer was skeptical from the beginning whether the lady was bright or clairvoyant. Basically, he foresaw at that time that all this would not end well.

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