Pasta, but at home – vapiano’s empty cash box

Long before a virus called sars-cov-2 brought public life to a standstill, things were far from rosy for vapiano: the restaurant chain had to report heavy losses, and even a slimmed-down menu card or new ordering terminals did not bring the hoped-for turnaround.

Now that pizza and pasta in restaurants is no longer an issue because the risk of infection is too high, vapiano has therefore been hit very quickly: in germany, 55 restaurants have been forced to close indefinitely, worldwide even more than 230. Since sales are not coming in and the rent and the keeper still have to be paid, vapiano had to announce on friday: the cash box is empty, we are unable to pay.

“Safer than home”: final spurt for the vuelta bubble

For many spaniards, this contrast must seem like sheer mockery.

While the police in society monitors whether strict corona measures such as nighttime curfews or the sealing off of entire territories are being observed, the officers simultaneously escort a 5700-person convoy across the country day after day. The reason is a bicycle race, the vuelta a espana. The cycling scene is currently on the home stretch of its three-month emergency calendar. Six more stages to madrid, then the worst would be over for the financially strapped racing stables.

Fewer germans are populist

Fewer and fewer germans are receptive to populist ideas, according to a recent study.

According to a representative survey for the "populism barometer 2020" by the bertelsmann foundation and the berlin science center for social research, only one in five eligible voters is still considered populist, compared with one in three two years earlier. The proportion of unpopulist voters has also risen by half since then. At the same time, researchers see the danger that the remaining populists, who have become defensive, could become more radicalized.

Drosten: avoid social situations in case of symptoms

Drosten: avoid social situations in case of symptoms

To avoid further corona traps, experts believe that people with mild cold symptoms should stay at home even if the family doctor sees no reason to test them. For this the virologist christian drosten called in the podcast "coronavirus-update" at NDR-info.

"You should not go to work sick or sickly, even if the family doctor said, let’s not test this now."In principle, in the current phase of the pandemic, people with a scratchy throat or runny nose should avoid social situations.

Clubs in corona times

With a total of 30000 euros, the VR-bank erlangen-hochstadt-herzogenaurach (branch of the VR-bank metropolregion nurnberg) is encouraging the involvement of regional sports and music clubs as well as charitable institutions.

30 applicants had submitted their special corona activities for the "bank&" competition sports", "bank& social affairs" and "bank& music", convinced the jury and won a prize of 1000 euros each.

The loud silence in the museums

Perplexed, the cardinal in the purple robe looks at the two by two meter large painting on the museum walls with black pictures. He is all alone, seems lost. Norbert schwontkowski (1949-2013) called his work "saal 9", which is hanging in the kunsthalle bremen. It is not possible for visitors to see it in the original.

There are no visitors. The opening of the exhibition was postponed. "A strange feeling. We were building up and already knew at the end that we wouldn’t open because of the corona crisis," says curator eva fischer-hausdorf. She, too, stands somewhat perplexed in the coarse, empty exhibition rooms. "One recognizes oneself in the cardinal."