Green proposals fail

The weisendorf main, finance and culture committee was actually supposed to make a recommendation to the market town council on the 2020 budget in november. However, mayor heinrich sub (UWG) requested that the budget not be passed until the new year because there was still a need for clarification on some items. Now chamber christina strunk presented the budget statute and the budget plan with changed figures again in committee.

This year, the administrative budget amounts to around 12.5 million euros in revenues and expenditures, and for the property budget, the chamber calculates with 18 million euros in revenues and expenditures. Before the meeting, the committee members had the opportunity to study the draft budget statutes and budget and its annexes that had been sent to them. With eight votes against one, the figures were acknowledged and the market town council was recommended to approve the budget and to remain in agreement with the budget statute 2020.

A milestone: prosiebensat.1 launches streaming platform

Prosiebensat.1 boss max conze has asked hard-pressed shareholders for patience as he restructures the group.

At the annual general meeting in munich, he also announced a first tangible result for next tuesday: the free streaming platform joyn will then be launched with a good 50 stations, including ARD and ZDF. This enabled viewers to "watch german TV bundled in one app," said conze. In two years, he wants to reach ten million viewers and compensate for the decline in advertising revenues on traditional television.

Police apprehend burglar

police apprehend burglar

Already at the beginning of august it was discovered that the fence of the farm land had been cut open and that someone had entered the farm building. Two coarse copper kettles were dismantled and stolen. In addition, two laptops were missing from a buroraum.

Due to the circumstances of the crime, it was obvious to the police from the start that an employee was involved. After it was discovered on tuesday in the company that several windows were inadmissibly unlocked from the inside, the police initiated appropriate surveillance measures, which led to success and the arrest of the two men already in the first night. Both were observed entering through a previously unlocked window, helping themselves to various cable parts and then wanting to take away their loot worth about 4,000 euros in a car.

Joachim nagel to become new bundesbank president

Economist joachim nagel to become new president of the bundesbank. German chancellor olaf scholz (SPD) and finance minister christian lindner (FDP) proposed the 55-year-old to succeed jens weidmann, as lindner announced on twitter on monday.

Previously, the "handelsblatt" and the "spiegel" had reported on the appointment. The appointment still has to be finally decided by the cabinet. This is expected to happen this wednesday, said a government spokesman. Nagel is to take office on 1. January to start work.

Causes of flight – how to fight?

Causes of flight - how to fight?

The rules of our "everyone against everyone" series for the federal election, the questions are very simple: each candidate may ask one question to each of the other candidates.
After the respondent’s answer, the questioner still has the opportunity to respond to it.
Today, markus tutsch (bundnis 90/die grunen) wants to know from emmi zeulner (CSU) how her party plans to combat the causes of flight that it has created itself.

Markus tutsch: the CSU in government signed trade agreements with developing countries that destroyed their economies through subsidized exports. As a result, their people face europe’s borders! How do you want to fight the causes of flight that you have created yourself??
Emmi zeulner: the CSU clearly stands for a fair shaping of globalization. And we must make a clear distinction between people who come to us because they are fleeing terror and war and those who come because they see no prospects in their home countries for economic reasons. I see the economic aspect in the foreground of this question.
The CSU has an outstanding campaigner against the causes of refugees in this election period in the person of development aid minister gerd muller. The ministry of economic cooperation and development’s budget has never been rougher. In 2016 alone, three billion euros were made available to reduce structural causes of flight, support refugees and stabilize host regions.
With this money, however, we do not want to push the developing countries further into dependency, but rather to strengthen their own responsibility and offer companies incentives to settle there. To combat the causes of flight, we must create structures on the ground. That’s why i support the marshal plan for africa by federal minister muller. The focus is on fair trade, more private investment, more bottom-up economic development, more entrepreneurial development and, above all, more jobs and employment. Young people in particular need jobs and prospects. We therefore see the development of economic structures and the creation of jobs as a central challenge in the fight against the causes of flight.
But these reforms must go hand in hand with reforms in europe and the world. Fair trade pays off, as does a stop to arms deliveries to crisis regions and the fight against illegal financial flows.

Steinbach invests millions in children

"We will lead our three kindergartens into the future" – this resolution was passed unanimously at the december meeting of the steinbach town council. Extensive preparatory work and discussions with the parties concerned were necessary in order to bring their ideas to a common understanding. A herculean task, as mayor thomas loffler (CSU) said at the time. Now, in the course of a meeting of the committee for school, family and social affairs, in the presence of representatives of the daycare centers, the parents’ advisory council and the church administration, he informed them about the planned renovation, conversion and expansion measures as well as about the demand situation.

"Currently, the kitas are overcrowded", in his review of the gradual development to date, the chairman explained that there were. In 2018, a survey of parents of children from zero to twelve years of age was carried out for the needs analysis. The needs plan resulting from this and from the occupancy figures of the daycare centers was recognized by the municipal council – as a basis for the application of the respective church administration to the archdiocese, the municipality and the government.

Traffic free in rugheim and romershofen – district administrator schneider announces latest rehabilitation measures

Not only district administrator wilhelm schneider, who on working days drives from his home town of allertshausen through rugheim and romershofen to his workplace in habfurt, had reason to rejoice on friday. Because after two weeks of full closure, the local thoroughfares through both villages are again freely passable.

Residents of the staatsstrabe will also be pleased that the construction work in front of their houses has been completed. There is one more piece of good news for you, because according to the state construction office in schweinfurt, an armor-reducing surface course was installed during the rehabilitation of the road surfaces. This so-called, as "dark layer heib" shortened DSH pavement reduces tire rolling noise by more than 50 percent, cutting traffic noise in half.

Thyssenkrupp draws conclusions from steel debacle

thyssenkrupp draws conclusions from steel debacle

The two new steel mills in brazil and the USA have already cost around twelve billion euros and have repeatedly pushed the essen-based steel giant deep into the red.

Little improvement in sight even in the long term. Now the patience of the former siemens manager is at an end: on tuesday, hiesinger put the group’s project, initiated by his predecessor ekkehard schulz, on trial and also did not rule out selling the two steel mills.

Dihk survey: companies more confident

Dihk survey: companies more confident

"2013 has the potential to be a good year for the economy," said martin wansleben, chief executive of the german chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK), in berlin. There the DIHK presented its new economic survey on tuesday.

More than 28,000 companies from the SME sector were surveyed for the study. The proportion of pessimists fell from 22 to 18 percent compared with the fall. Around 62 percent of companies (fall: 60) expect their business to continue as before over the next few months. 20 percent believe sales will improve, up from 18 percent in the fall.