More short-time work

More short-time work

In the second half of the year, the labor market in the main-rhon region proved robust despite the weak economic phase in some sectors. In october, this sector remained in very good shape, with an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent and 7246 unemployed people. In september, 289 more unemployed persons were paid, and the rate was 0.1 percentage points higher. In the previous year, the level of unemployment was somewhat lower, with an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent. At that time, 582 fewer people were registered as unemployed. In the district of bad kissingen, 1667 people were out of work in october (2.9 percent).

"The decline in the number of young people under 25 years of age is particularly noteworthy. Compared to the previous month, the number was reduced by 159 unemployed young people. After the summer break, youth unemployment usually declines again significantly. Many young people who were not taken on after their training have now been able to find a job with another employer in october", thomas stelzer, head of the agency for labor schweinfurt, reports. The number of people leaving employment and the number of people entering employment balanced each other out in october. 925 people registered as being unemployed. The number of people moving from employment to unemployment was almost the same, at 929.

All good things come in twos

All good things come in twos

It is decided. Ralf pohl is the SPD candidate for the state parliamentary elections in the constituency of kronach/lichtenfels. The kronach district chairman won clearly against his lichtenfels colleague sebastian muller on saturday morning in theisenort sports home. With 62:22 votes, the delegates of the two district associations voted for the 53-year-old.
"I am very pleased with the result, which is an incentive and motivation for me", so ralf pohl. His competitor sebastian muller congratulated him and said: "i am a little sad, but the disappointment is limited". The 30-year-old, who a little later was unanimously proposed as a two-vote candidate for the state parliament, now sees a possibility that the two counties of kronach and lichtenfels can represent the region with two SPD candidates in the state parliament next year.

Ehrhardt renounces

During the meeting susann biedefeld was elected as district candidate. The member of the state parliament from altenkunstadt received only 61 votes out of 81 valid votes. Accordingly, the applause was limited.
Some delegates were upset that the candidate was traveling instead of being there in person. Some of those present had firmly expected timo ehrhardt, the mayor of ludwigsstadt, to be the SPD candidate for the district parliament.
The latter conceded that he had made himself available if no proposal had been made. But he thinks it is right that the people of lichtenfels have a candidate from their ranks after the decision for the state parliament. "It is known", so ehrhardt, who was unanimously proposed as a two-vote candidate for the district parliament.

Giant cash theft: tuckish poisonous plant spreads

Not only the people feel good in this midsummer. Nature also bleeds, unfortunately also those plants, on which one can do without gladly. In munnerstadt, the giant periwinkle has spread – this is bad, because the plant is poisonous and can cause very unpleasant skin lesions. The gardeners of the city's building yard have had to go out several times this summer to remove the perennials. At the same time, the city workers have to work very carefully. They protect themselves with protective suits so that they do not injure themselves on the plants. "They are dangerous", also confirmed by stefan sluzar, head of the city's building department.

He attributes the fact that the plants are thriving so well this year to the wet spring and the warm summer. "Last year it was not so bad", says the head of the building yard. The city's gardeners and the forestry workers had an eye for the places where the shrubs particularly like to grow. But they have also received tips from the public. This was gladly accepted, assures reiner straub from the city's building department. "We can not be everywhere", he says. Therefore one is glad about such tips. It is important that the shrubs are removed, adds straub. Stefan sluzar and the workers in the building yard have observed that the giant cash thief grows especially frequently near beehives. 30 or 40 years ago the barenklau was a popular bee pasture. At that time, no one could have imagined how problematic this plant could become.

Fitbit takeover by google worries consumer users

The planned takeover of fitness watch manufacturer fitbit by online giant google worries consumer and data protection experts worldwide. Google could use fitbit’s valuable health and position data to strengthen its already dominant position in the market for online advertising, 20 organizations warned in a joint statement on thursday.

Antitrust, supervisory and data protection authorities worldwide had to pay the utmost attention to this, demanded, among others, the european consumer association beuc, the u.S. Consumer association and the data protection organization european digital rights.

The new conductor still sees potential in the choir

An eventful and busy year for singers and members of the "harmonie" singing society on the occasion of the annual general meeting at the "alte schule oberlangenstadt completed. The main point were the new elections of the board of directors. The result is as follows: 1.Chairman helmut martin, 2. Chairman karlheinz huhnlein (he replaces dieter wedel, who did not run for election due to health reasons). Ursula schopf was re-elected as treasurer, erich martin was elected as note-taker to replace the late rudolf zwingmann, members of the advisory board are wolfgang horstel, helmut and rudolf weber, stefan wein-

Man, christian hartlein and klaus schwemmlein. Wolfgang huttner, agnes kauffer and ottmar schroter were elected as auditors.

The bee love drives strange bleedings

So that no wrong impression arises: "we see it very gladly, if bees are held", says the chairman of the beekeepers’ association of munnerstadt and the surrounding area, dieter scholzke. But when he runs into a swarm of bees on his way home from work, he knows something is wrong. "The bees were completely disoriented, normally now no more black bees fly, that is totally unusual", he says. The experienced beekeeper knows the term for such a case. "This was a hunger swarm."

Such a swarm can only occur with improper beekeeping, female dieter scholzke. The bees were obviously not fed. It is becoming more and more common for people to put a hive in their garden, not care about it, and then go on vacation. This is how these hungry bees. "Before they starve, they leave the hive", says dieter schozke. "Then they beg into other colonies and maybe bring the varroa mite with them." Or even the foulbrood, a bee disease. As chairman of the beekeepers’ association with the educational apiary, he couldn’t accept that.