Great britain’s political system is in crisis

In protest against the course of british labor leader jeremy corbyn, seven prominent members resigned from the party on monday.

They criticize above all the brexit course and the handling of anti-semitic tendencies in the coarse opposition party. The deputies now formed an "independent group" in parliament and called on other politicians to join them. The split is seen as a symptom of a wider crisis in the british party system.

Csu wants to become more modern and cooler with 75-point program

Csu wants to become more modern and cooler with 75-point program

With a 75-point program, the CSU wants to polish up its dusty image, become modern and somehow cool. This is in response to massive losses of support among young first-time voters in recent elections and the fierce competition between the union and the green party.

The core of a key motion for the party conference next friday and saturday is the goal of making the CSU more modern, younger, more female and at the same time the leading digital party in germany. In this way, for example, it also wants to attract more votes from younger people and women. "The whole thing will then give a real boost," said CSU leader markus soder on monday in munich.

Dax loses third day in a row

Dax loses third day in a row

The situation was similar for the mdax mid-cap index, which ultimately rose by only 0.30 percent to 25 percent.565.31 points dropped.

The only thing that eased the tensions in late trade were statements by U.S. President donald trump, who once again raised hopes of an end to the U.S.-china trade dispute. He also denied the accusation that he had asked his ukrainian counterpart volodymyr selenskyj in a telephone conversation to initiate investigations to the detriment of joe biden. Biden is the most promising democratic presidential contender for the 2020 election. These are now preparing for impeachment proceedings against trump.

Change of power and scandals: china’s kp ahead of party congress

change of power and scandals: china's kp ahead of party congress

In the run-up, the central committee met on thursday to prepare for the change of power and to hear the results of the disciplinary commission’s investigations into ousted political bureau member bo xilai and sacked railroad minister liu zhijun.

Behind closed doors, the 370 or so members of the high party committee also discussed the report of outgoing party leader hu jintao and planned changes to the party constitution, which are to be submitted to the more than 2,200 delegates for approval. The party congress, which only takes place every five years, is expected to last a week. It is still unclear when the final day will be. In the end, the new political bureau and its powerful standing committee are approved.