Overcoming conflicts through dialogue

For the fourth time, the working group "interreligious dialogue neustadt" had invited invited to the common way of peace of the religions. Christians and muslims met to pray together for peace in three houses of worship.

With candle lights in their hands, the peace walk participants went to the first station in neustadt's "fatih-camii"-mosque. "Right welcome", ramazan kurt, chairman of the ditib turkish-islamic community of neustadt, buried all those present in the prayer room of the mosque. The religion of islam has the goal of leading people to happiness and inner peace, but should also apply to those people who have lost their goal and direction.

Diapers are now compulsory for carriage horses?

Blunt noses, annoyed scraped soles and dangerously lurching cyclists are common scenes around the brandenburg gate. Because that's where the horse-drawn carriages drive along berlin's magnificent buildings – and the horses fill the street with apples. A dispute has erupted between the city, trucking companies and animal rights activists over the apple problem in the capital. Even in the popular french tourist town of rothenburg ob der tauber, horse-drawn carriages are now unpopular.

While in the countryside, a pile of manure is as much a part of the idyll as the morning cockcrow, in the city, manure is subject to the road cleaning act and the road traffic act – which is why drivers have to clean up their horses' messes immediately. But the buck often doesn't stop there. Now the berlin senate is thinking about making horse diapers compulsory.

Vincent held and his bayern goal

Vincent Held and his bayern goal

Twelve goals in five games so far vincent held has scored for FC geesdorf. That’s unusual for a 20-year-old who only recently moved from SSV kitzingen to the state league and had previously not progressed beyond the district league. When asked about his exploits, held, a young striker, says: "things are going quite well." Quite well?

That’s probably a bit too much modesty and a bit of an understatement. Now one of his goals is also in the selection for the "bayerntreffer" of the month of july. On the internet portal of the bayerischer fubballverband you can still vote for the landesliga-freshman until next wednesday, 12 o’clock. There are five competitors.

We belong together – in peru and around the world

Heike reinersmann 36 children and young people, divided into ten groups of carol singers, were blessed by pastor justin on sunday morning and sent out into the community after the service. Well-prepared and dressed in a tidy manner, the eager young people set off in the drizzle.

The sternsinger children’s missionary organization has given a lot of thought to the community in the world during the preparation of the event. You have noticed that the word "together" is a word that means "together" the central message this year is. "Because no child can grow up alone, no teenager can find orientation, and no adult can lead a fulfilled life. We belong together, we are a community in all diversity", writes the president of the kindermissionswerk, pralat klaus kramer. From this insight, the team derives the intention to focus on children with disabilities. The president invites us to "look at every human being as a child beloved by god" to set up.

Selfies with the troja horse

The people of iphofen and the tourists alike were amazed when the market square was recently closed and industrious craftsmen began to build a three-by-seven-meter platform opposite the knauf museum and also placed an oversized "wooden box" at the edge of the square. In the end, there was a trojan horse in the middle of iphofen – as a spectacular advertisement for the new special exhibition at the knauf museum, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Birthday.

Since the pyre reconstruction for the witch craze exhibition and the dugout canoe trip on the river main for the exhibition "early main history", museum director markus mergenthaler is known for spectacular actions, but with a sound scientific background.

Dogs, horses and ferrets came together in vierzehnheiligen

Every year, the blessing of animals and humans in basilica square is an exciting event for four-legged and two-legged friends alike. Traditionally, it takes place on the anniversary of the death of the founder of the order, franc of assisi (3. October 1226).

Father stanislaus wentkowski recalled that, according to franciscan conviction, man is responsible for his fellow human beings and for the whole of nature. He pointed out that animals are god’s creatures, which, like humans, are under god’s protection. They deserve reverence because this reverence is for everything created. The reverence for them is not least an expression of the reverence for their creator. "Francis makes us aware that we all have responsibility and care in nature. As a rational being, man has a duty to take loving care of his fellow human beings. For these, too, are created by god out of love – not just people", says the franciscan.

Evening of blissful melodies

After the outstanding success of last year’s musical christmas tour, the international artists will once again present a two-and-a-half-hour gala full of highlights in the adelsdorf aischgrundhalle in december. Date is the sunday, 9. December, 7 pm. Admission is from 6 pm.

In the first part of the show, rough and emotional musical hits from "evita" are performed, "elisabeth", "cats", "phantom of the opera" and be heard by others. Afterwards, the world’s most beautiful christmas carols, "jingle bells", are played in the magical setting, "oh, you’re so happy, "white christmas, "silent night, "feliz navidad", "oh christmas tree and many more.

Speed skaters did not know about bouwman announcement

"We found out about it from the press," moritz geisreiter, athletes’ spokesman for the german speed skating association (DESG), told the "suddeutsche zeitung". His colleague leon kaufmann-ludwig explained that in his opinion this was no coincidence. It must have been clear to the provisional DESG president, matthias grobe, "that there was no approval from the athletes for this. It was only claudia pechstein and matthias grobe who had a public dispute with bouwman."

Grobe had announced in berlin at the beginning of the month that bouwman would be celebrating in writing the end of his employment contract on his 31st. July had been communicated. The dutchman announced legal action. The background to this is the year-long rift between pechstein and bouwman, since the latter declared that he had "no desire" to train the five-time olympic champion. Thereupon there had been a months-long mud fight between both sides.

Shut down heavy goods vehicle has been at a standstill for almost three weeks

Already on 22. In july, officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police department immobilized a heavy goods vehicle weighing 170 tons because it did not have a permit and was not traveling with the correct semitrailer. Although the transport is loaded with a very expensive press, no one seems to care about the good piece anymore, the police say.

The heavy goods vehicle was on its way to northern germany from italy and was loaded with a punch press that, together with the vehicle, weighed 170 tons. The italian driver had been arrested on 22. On july 1, his truck was stopped in a parking lot near marktsteft because of a flat tire and was checked there by the kitzingen police together with officers from the heavy traffic unit of the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police station.

Internal firefighters’ cup went to jonas neidlein

internal firefighters' cup went to jonas neidlein

The fire department of prugel was able to fulfill its task as a local fire department. This became clear at the annual general meeting.

According to chairman frank brinschwitz, a visible sign of the local fire brigade's commitment was also the prugel culture hall, because in a joint action, the members of the fire brigade and garden friends had laid a new floor and fundamentally renovated the wall. Brinschwitz therefore expressed his appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of the delegates. A lot of things are on the "small service road" with the municipal administration and the main fire brigade of altenkunstadt was done without any problems. Brinschwitz continued to report a positive development in membership and in this context also recalled social activities of the fire department such as the organization of the church consecration festival, participation in st. Florian's mass and the day of national mourning, visits to festivals, the senior citizens' afternoon and a christmas party.