Eurozone slides into recession

Eurozone slides into recession

The second quarter of the current year had already seen a decline of 0.2 percent. Economists speak of a recession when economic growth is negative for at least two quarters in a row. The last time the eurozone had been in recession was after the global banking crisis began in 2008. At that time, economic output fell for five consecutive quarters until the summer of 2009.

The current recession is being blamed on the poor economic situation in the crisis-hit countries of southern europe. In spain, the third-quarter decline was 0.3 percent, in portugal 0.8 percent. Italy’s economic output also fell by 0.2 percent. Germany, europe’s largest economy, posted a positive performance of 0.2 percent.

Progress with charging network for e-cars

In germany, there has been significant progress in setting up charging points for electric cars – but there are still major regional differences.

While there are now comparatively many charging stations in large cities and metropolitan areas, there are still many "weibe spots" in the countryside. This is the result of an evaluation by the energy association BDEW, which is available to the deutsche presse-agentur and the "suddeutsche zeitung". The association sees an overall "dynamic" in the expansion of the charging infrastructure.

Can these eyes see?

Michael bush sometimes chance helps. Looking into the archives, the editor’s gaze lingers on a report from 2006. February, almost exactly twelve years ago. It was about the astrologer and fortune teller patricia bahrani, who at the time wanted to draw attention to herself and the future in a fortune-telling session in herzogspark.

What was all true?

Well, after more than a decade apart, you can see what has come out of the forecasts. The fortune teller said at the time, a year before the local elections: "no, nothing really decisive will change at the local elections in 2008"." Why, herzogenaurach is well governed, she explained. Ms. Bahrani’s prediction was summarized in one sentence: "dear german hacker, there are no real chances for an SPD candidate to be elected mayor."

Deutsche bahn and locomotive drivers agree on collective bargaining agreement

German rail passengers no longer have to fear strikes until further notice. As previously with the rail and transport union (EVG), the state-owned company has now also concluded a long-term collective agreement with the GDL locomotive drivers until the end of february 2021.

According to the agreement presented by both sides in frankfurt/main on friday, wages for the approximately 36,000 train crews are to rise in two stages by a total of 6.1 percent: the first stage of 3.5 percent will take effect on 1 january 2009. July 2019, another 2.6 percent is due a year later. Instead of this second pay rise, employees can also opt for additional vacation days or shorter weekly working hours, which will then apply from january 1, 2021. January 2021 were valid. One-time payment of 1000 euros to be made as early as february.

Terror threat at half marathon in berlin? Police arrest six suspected islamists

Police prevent suspected attack on half-marathon in berlin: police arrested six suspected islamists and searched several apartments in berlin on sunday.

Before the half-marathon, there were "isolated indications that those arrested, aged between 18 and 21, could have been involved in the preparation of a crime in connection with this event", the police declared. Because of these indications and the as yet incompletely clarified background to the munster shooting, the authorities decided to take action.

Bgh overturns several additional fees of sparkasse freiburg

Bgh overturns several additional fees of sparkasse freiburg

Sparkasse freiburg may not charge its customers for certain services. This was the decision of the federal court of justice (BGH), which declared several additional fees charged by the sparkasse to be invalid.

Banks must base certain prices on actual costs incurred, karlsruhe ruling says. Among other things, it was about five euros for postal notifications, for example, about rejected bank transfers. (az.XI ZR 590/15)

Lower franconia: two boys break through the ice while playing

It is currently bitterly cold in france, colder than ever this year. Nevertheless, most of the ice flats are not yet sustainable. Anyone who enters it nevertheless puts their life in danger. Recently, for example, the municipal garden office in bamberg had issued an impressive warning against walking on ice patches in bamberg.

Ice skating possible at konigsbad in forchheim
how dangerous a non-heeding of such warnings can be became clear on sunday in aschaffenburg in lower franconia. As the police reported on monday, two boys (both 9 years old) were playing on the schontalsee shortly before 12 o’clock on sunday. They suddenly collapsed through the frozen surface layer of ice and were up to their hips in water. The lake currently has a water depth of just under one meter.

“Cassini” should spark until the end

Before its final crash into saturn, the nasa space probe "cassini" is to collect some spectacular data. In the remaining two and a half weeks it is to make among other things still recordings of the luminous saturn aurora, announced nasa on tuesday in pasadena.

Researchers also hope to obtain new information about the temperature and the vortices at the poles of the gas planet. The camera of the space probe is already on the 14. September, one day before the controlled crash, shut down. When "cassini" finally descends into the atmosphere, data on the composition of the saturn atmosphere will be transmitted to earth via radio waves – until contact is broken after a maximum of two minutes.

Uwe ochsenknecht has partnership tip up his sleeve

Uwe ochsenknecht (64) advises couples on a simple trick to determine if there is too much routine and habit in the relationship.

"I have to ask myself a simple question: did i treat my partner the way i treat him now the day i met him?? Many probably had to deny that," the actor told the "augsburger allgemeine". "There are so many interesting things you can do together, one lifetime is not enough. It’s also important not to lose respect for the other person. You can’t get used to each other."

Politics around the falterturm

Politics around the falterturm

A bit of luck is part of life. But of course it is also about meaningful chess moves. Perhaps this is why the logo of the recently founded prokitzingen association is reminiscent of toy figures grouped around the falter tower? Secretary helga muller laughs – and shakes her head: "no, the figures symbolize that we are close to the burghers and make politics from kitzingen for kitzingen."

Acting smart is nevertheless important – that's what seasoned mannerists like franz bohm and hans schardt have long known. The two city councilors split off from the CSU a good five years ago and founded their own political grouping: prokitzingen.