On the trail of josef mengele

Sigismund von dobschutz "only with the form of the novel could i get as close as possible to the macabre life of the nazi doctor", writes french journalist and author olivier guez (44) in the sourcebook of his novel "the disappearance of josef mengele," which won the prix renaudot in france in 2017, now published by aufbau-verlag in august. Only in this way can guez succeed not only in creating the abstract figure of german history and the "angel of death from auschwitz", but also in creating a new and different kind of "story" but also to show josef mengele (1911-1979) as a human being between fear of death and arrogance during his 35 years of pitiful life in latin american hiding places.

On the basis of countless sources, guez vividly describes mengele’s first years in argentina under the protection of a circle of nazi hoodlums who had also fled and who had already aligned themselves with the autocratic peron regime. Mengele leads a carefree life, since the federal republic is more concerned with reconstruction than with international war crime hunting. This only changes when, in the early sixties, the hessian attorney general fritz bauer blasts off to hunt down the war criminals and the auschwitz trials take place.

Other plagiarism hunters refrained from attacking schavan

Other plagiarism hunters refrained from attacking schavan

Berlin plagiarism researcher debora weber-wulff told "spiegel online". The chairwoman of the bundestag’s education committee, ulla burchardt (SPD), called for an official clearinghouse to be set up by the state to remove accusations of plagiarism from the anonymity of the internet.

The detection of plagiarism should not be left to anonymous internet platforms alone, burchardt said in an interview with the german press agency dpa. "Too often, individual interests, competitive thinking and rivalries among scientists are also at play – something that sometimes occurs not only in business enterprises, but also in universities."

Eyes open during the endurance run!

Sunshine all day, temperatures far above 20 degrees – finally spring is here. The good weather means that outdoor recreational activities are on the rise again. Like on the trimm-dich-path near oberpurbach. But up there, not only fitness fans meet, but also many dog owners and riders.

The unreasonable of the latter species, to which the legacies of their four-legged friends
kerstin rauch has it in for the people who don't like it. "You sometimes have to walk in a serpentine line to avoid stepping into a pile", the woman from kulmbach, who lives in unterpurbach and often walks along the trim trail, complains. "It was already extremely bad last year, she remembers. She has made the observation that the pollution always increases when the weather is fine.

The favorite comes to habfurt

The third and fourth part of the home series brings the hawks of the ESC habfurt (1. Place/9 points) at the weekend two other difficult tasks. But while the game in the ice hockey regional league on friday evening against the amberger wild lions (5./6) under the category "cure falls, the maximum yield is two days against the EHC bad aibling (9./3) duty – to prepare for the "dovetailing round" target not to make further unnecessary dents. ESC habfurt – ERSC amberg habfurt’s coach martin reichert firmly believes that with the upper palatinate team of the ERSC "the probably hardest hunk of the league" is going to be a real challenge today, 19.30 o’clock, into the stadium at the rough anger comes. "I said before the season started that amberg was my favorite for the title. Nothing has changed", the 54-year-old looks respectfully ahead to the match between the opponents, who have already made a name for themselves time and again in previous years.

After the guests around trainer dirk salinger won the first two of altogether four games against the hawks in the past season (2:5 and 4:3), these took revenge successfully in the following interlocking round and kept the upper hand with 8:6 as well as 6:9. Both teams, which despite 1st place (amberg) and 2nd place (habfurt) had nothing to do with promotion after the preliminary round, are once again among the most highly rated candidates.

Majority against asylum shelter?

The 26 houses in the former u.S. Housing estate corlette circle, about a kilometer from kitzingen (in the direction of groblangheim), could become shared accommodation for around 150 asylum seekers.

However, this is only a plan of the government of lower franconia, which is urgently looking for accommodation: so far, neither a rental agreement has been signed, nor has the city council of kitzingen approved the project, as it said at a press conference on wednesday.

Dream start to dortmund’s title mission – “geiles gefuhl” (great feeling)

On the way back from the pitch to the dressing room, some of dortmund’s professionals took a first, cursory look at the standings on the video screen.

What they saw there reinforced the strategy they had decided on weeks ago to take on the top favorites FC bayern. In the end, the 5:1 (1:1) victory over FC augsburg helped BVB to the top of the table and strengthened their belief in their own strength. "This is a great feeling. We couldn’t have started any better," enthused midfielder julian weigl.

Mubarak leaves prison – new protests expected

Mubarak leaves prison - new protests expected

Trials continue against former longtime ruler, including for killing hundreds of protesters. Experts fear mubarak's release after two years and four months in pretrial detention could further aggravate tensions in the country.

Protests against the 85-year-old's release from prison are planned for this friday. At the same time, supporters of the muslim brotherhood, which was repressed under mubarak, and other islamist groups want to take to the streets to protest the deaths of 36 demonstrators in police custody. They announced a "martyrs' day". New riots are feared. Many hundreds of people have died in unrest in recent weeks since the overthrow of the islamist government of elected president mohammed mursi.

Many ideas for Weitramsdorf

The ASB quarter house was well filled when max kraublich, the mayoral candidate of the free voters, revealed his ideas for the future development of weitramsdorf. The basis was a burger survey in which 2188 households were asked to state their ideas. The return rate was 14.4 percent.

Eight top themes emerged, which florian klugling first presented in individual presentations. Max kraublich then went on to explain solutions, which, as he put it, "are not ready-made" should be.

Firefighters lift in the weight room

Firefighters lift in the weight room

In the rough assembly room of the fuchsstadt fire department, the commanders met for their working meeting under the leadership of the responsible district fire inspector (KBI) peter sell. In addition to interesting technical presentations, the long-awaited introduction of digital radio was also a topic, the trial operation of which was announced by district fire chief oliver lukashevich for the end of the first quarter of next year. "We expect the complete number of endgerates in the following year, i.E. In 2015.", said lukashevich. Until then, there would be a transition period of analog and digital radio at the fire department. "I hope that the radio holes in heiligkreuz and heckmuhle will soon be a thing of the past", according to KBM.

Exercising body and mind
During their operations, the young firefighters are sometimes physically injured and even exposed to psychological extreme stresses. "How nice it is when body and mind are prepared for the interplay of the different stresses", irma sell from hammelburger TV / DJK promoted the demand for sports training in the fire departments.
"Then the firefighters will be so fit that everything from coping with heavy outages to the widespread disease of back pain will no longer be an issue", she said. Healthy reflexes for quick reactions and physical coordination are also important. "This also increases the feeling of self-worth", irma sell emphasized.
In line with the modern times, the fire departments now also present their preserved basic training. Regarding the "truppmann I and II" training objectives the module "training and education" is the modular basis and now, as a third module, the new "supplementary module", declared KBM thomas eyrich. The latter takes into account the individual equipment of the local armed forces.

Full claim only with complete ring?

The community representatives in wiesentheid now have a somewhat clearer view of the issue of the bypass road. In the meeting of the municipal council not only the responsible planner alexander bar presented the current situation. With construction director stefan lehner from the state road construction office in wurzburg, a senior civil servant provided information on the current status. It was pointed out that the municipality could only get the 80 percent subsidy from the state if it built a complete ring around wiesentheid.

This was also pointed out by mayor werner knaier. Until now, the municipality had assumed that it might be able to dispense with the rough section to the west. Planner bar summarized the results of a conversation that the municipality recently had with the planning office and the authorities on the subject of the subsidy.