Clubs in corona times

With a total of 30000 euros, the VR-bank erlangen-hochstadt-herzogenaurach (branch of the VR-bank metropolregion nurnberg) is encouraging the involvement of regional sports and music clubs as well as charitable institutions.

30 applicants had submitted their special corona activities for the "bank&" competition sports", "bank& social affairs" and "bank& music", convinced the jury and won a prize of 1000 euros each.

Ten regional sports clubs were delighted with the rain of donations: they had understood that numerous people were looking for sporting balance and personal fitness right now, said VR board member hans-peter lechner.

For this reason, the VR bank awarded a prize to TV 1848 erlangen under the heading "sport in coronazeit". This improved the outdoor sports conditions by adding a fitness area with weight machines and a sports floor on the outdoor terrace.

A generation of non-swimmers is currently growing up, many educators fear. Young training leaders of the erlangen swimming club therefore donated their free vacation time to offer open swimming courses and thus prevent one or the other swimming accident.

Creative chess club hochstadt

The hochstadt chess club received a special award: the regional bronze star of the "stars of sports" initiative. The star trophies awarded by the volks- und raiffeisenbanken in cooperation with the german sports federation do not honor top sporting achievements, explained VR project manager andrea meissner: "we want to honor clubs that show exemplary, creative and innovative commitment to society."The chess club maintains intensive contact with the russian twin town of krasnogorsk, even under the current difficult conditions.

"Local organizations are particularly committed to social contacts," says gabriele stiefler from the corporate communications department of the VR bank, "so the annual family day of the palliative team of the erlangen children's and youth clinic is an important fixed point for affected families. Due to corona, only a limited number of people can take part, but especially in the difficult family situation with a child suffering from a life-threatening illness, the community with other affected families is indispensable. This initiative and nine others were presented under the heading of "bank & sport" social projects" awarded a total of 10,000 euros.

Countering the eerie quiet in the music school – the forderverein musikschule hemhofen has succeeded in doing just that. With his "musical scavenger hunt," he successfully applied for one of the VR prizes worth 1,000 euros. Because especially during the lockdown, the concert contributions of schools, horbar via QR codes and the quiz questions at the open-air stations, love to combine in a corona-compliant way.

A further nine projects were equally outstanding: their awards were intended to help ensure that regional cultural life does not come to a complete standstill during the corona period. For example, the french soprano theresa steinbach received an award for her children's concerts, as did the orange youth club in erlangen for its outdoor party that met the requirements, and the waldeslust 1951 zeckern singing club for its video clips.

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