Collecting deposit bottles is worthwhile

Christoph koberstein from the kraftfahrausbildungszentrum simulator in hammelburg had the idea of setting up collection bins for deposit bottles in the accommodation buildings of his training facility and collecting them for a good cause.
He labeled the holders with the notice that the proceeds of the deposit will be donated to the federal social welfare organization. This stimulated a large part of the driving school to do good in this way. The deposit bottles are handed in regularly and the receipts are meticulously recorded. The campaign, which is already in its second year, has once again resulted in a substantial donation to the bundeswehr social welfare organization.
In the hammelburg "driving school company in particular, driving instructors for the ATF dingo are being prepared for their work in a two-week training course. Driving school training for the wiesel and the marder armored personnel carrier is also taking place in a four-week course at the lagerberg.
Captain thomas heinrich, regional director of the bundeswehr social welfare organization at the infantry school, was pleased with the amount of 776.04 euros that was presented to him by the company. Company commander captain matthias schuler and his "spieb staff sergeant thomas wenzel, did not miss the opportunity to be present in person at the handover. The head of the regional office described the action as an ingenious idea; on the one hand, the socially weaker members of our community are helped and, at the same time, something good is done for the environment.

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