Crying smiley prints the tempo

In october and november, employees of the municipality have set up their speed measuring device in the area dientzenhofer strabe (our newspaper reported). According to the opinion of some residents in the new building area at the eidig, far too many vehicles were using this road as a "bypass road" from or to prachting. In addition, they complained about excessive speeds and that many vehicles were not driving in the right lane, but rather in a criss-cross manner.

On tuesday, the members of the construction committee took a look at the situation on site. "The motorist is anxious to get somewhere as quickly as possible, most even drive straight across", complained mayor bernhard storath (CSU). Even during the local meeting itself, two cars were driving on the "wrong" road page. In fact, the square in the middle of the new construction area is very rough, only a few construction sites have already been built on, and there are no markings on the roadway.

Rough slips in the process

Measurements of the "viasis plus smile have averaged, detected and recorded speeds, vehicle movements and number of vehicles for twice four weeks. Although many road users kept to the prescribed speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour, there were also some serious louts who drove up to 40 percent faster than the permitted speed. After evaluating the software, it was found, among other things, that vehicles slow down when the smiley is no longer smiling. Nothing new, not even the fact that more traffic was measured on this road during the evening than during the night. The municipality will now place a marker on the road, plant cube to "decelerate" to set up and continue to monitor the traffic situation in any case.

Resident michael van den bosch was present at the site meeting. The young father of a family would have preferred a cul-de-sac, but of course he knew, as did the other residents, that this was not a possibility even in advance. Nevertheless, he hopes for an improvement in the traffic situation: "we’ll accept anything that makes it better", said the young man living here since august.

The second site visit took the building committee to the pater lunkenbein school. The remodeling and the energetic renovation there are making progress. Now the question of the facade design arises. On the computer and with the help of building plans, principal ursula schubler and architect luitgard hagel showed various possibilities for the color design of the administrative wing and the functional wing of the building. "An elementary school doesn’t live from the color of its facade, but from what’s around it", the architect said. Since the grass and paved areas in front of the building are also being redesigned and renewed, and the adjacent sports stadium is already very colorful, the council agreed on the proposal, which calls for a powerful red at the top edge of the building, and otherwise soft gray, white and cream tones.

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