Csu district chairwoman sees altrichter as possible deputy

The two elections "in a row, in which the city leaders in bad rodach and neustadt were elected, are around – time for CSU district association to look ahead. County chairman jurgen W. Heike (neustadt) relies in particular for the district council on the "foal-elf", which was founded four years ago, but also looks back on the results of the elections in neustadt and bad rodach with a bit of disappointment.

The fact that the CSU in bad rodach did not even put forward a candidate is a source of concern to the district chairman. "More than a little, how heike betrayed. But now nothing could be done about it. "Unfortunate run" the thing is evenly, one must tick this off. Just like the not-so-bad 32 percent for frank altrichter in neustadt. The county chairman had expected a few more votes in sunday's election, but the people of neustadt had just said to themselves: "keep it up."

Altrichter in the state parliament?
Heike does not believe that frank altrichter's election defeat by frank rebhan means he has finally left coburg for munich. On the contrary: he believes that the neustadt native, who now works in the ministry of social affairs, will become one of the most important figures in CSU politics in the coburg district in the future. On which position? "I could well imagine him as my successor in the state parliament", says heike. But things don't go quite so smoothly for the CSU district chairman either. "I have four or five candidates in mind for this office," he says – and one of them would certainly be frank altrichter.

In 2014, of course, mayoral elections are also on the program. With the state of preparations in some local associations, jurgen W. Heike quite satisfied. With sonnefeld, for example, where michael keilich, the CSU candidate to succeed rainer marr, is in the starting blocks. "A good man.", says heike about the 36-year-old "who is very rooted in the associations and in the community" be. And, what is particularly important to the district chairman: "he can work."

Benning as successor for preb
Satisfied is jurgen W. Heike also with the decision that in rodental gunter benning should run as successor for gerhard preb. The current head of the building authority is a no-nonsense man who also has some technical knowledge. And the district chairman has also discovered an important characteristic in benning: "he is a team player."
Elsewhere, on the other hand, the CSU does not seem to have really gotten going yet. At any rate, this is how heike's statement can be interpreted, that some local associations have not yet taken a step forward in terms of personnel have come ahead.

No hurry in the CSU in the case of the district council candidate. Of course, the district chairman assures me, there will be one. But for now, the focus at the district level is on the state elections in the fall. When this has been successfully brought to an end (in the case of heike with a direct mandate for the state parliament), the personnel of the candidate for the state council will be fixed.

Heike remains mysterious
Whether names are already being discussed for this, jurgen W. Heike not betrayed. He remains mysterious: a "surprise" candidate but he does not want to rule out the SPD's designated candidate, michael busch. Only one thing, heike laughingly revealed, was certain at the moment: "it won't be me this time".

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