Different measurements for rannung wastewater will keep lawyer busy

The wastewater issue will continue to make headlines. The rannung council decided in its recent meeting to hire a lawyer to represent its interests. The reason for this is the content of a letter from the municipal supervisory authority at the district office of schweinfurt, which had been called upon as a mediation body in the dispute with the wastewater association of the upper werntal communities.

It also discussed the waterproofing work on the old school, which will be more expensive than expected. They are therefore to be partially postponed until the building has been renovated. Finally, the expansion of the photovoltaic system was also discussed. Here the statute resolution for the development plan was still postponed, until the repair of wegen and replacement plantings are clarified.

Different measurements

At the clarification plant in geldersheim, coarser quantities of wastewater from rannungen are measured than those indicated by the measuring point in the municipality itself. For years, this has been the subject of discussion in the town council and a dispute with the wastewater association (AZV). For this reason, the municipality had appealed to the arbitration board, which is the district office in schweinfurt, in the spring. Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) announced the result at the meeting of the municipal council. In the three-page letter, it states right at the beginning that the district office, as the legal supervisory authority, can only take legal supervisory action against the AZV if it is acting illegally. This is to be left out after reviewing the matter. The transfer station, including the measuring equipment installed there, is the property of the municipality of rannungen. At the time, the municipality decided on the choice of the measuring device, and the AZV only acted in an advisory capacity. When relatively shortly after the start-up of the transfer point the increased measured values were determined, an expert tested the measuring equipment and found no objections "so that it can be assumed that the measured wastewater quantities are correct". Which the municipality has been supporting since 7. Comparative measurements carried out on september 2017 at the rannungen stormwater retention basin with a so-called venturi flume could only be compared to a limited extent with the values measured at the pfersdorf transfer station. Two completely different measuring methods are involved, and the measuring points are very far apart. The influx of data to the community’s old clearinghouse between 1998 and 2002 had ranged between 100.000 and 170.000 cubic meters per year. The significant reduction in the inflow volume from 2003 onwards is striking and has obviously prompted the municipality to assume a wastewater volume of around 90 % when concluding the agreements with the azv. The municipality is also planning to expand its plant near the vestenbergsgreuth district of dietersdorf.000 cubic meters to go out. The measurement at the transfer point, the selection of the measurement method and the specification of the expected wastewater volume when concluding the contract with the AZV were the responsibility of the municipality and thus any misconduct on the part of the AZV could be ruled out. Finally, the district administration in schweinfurt points out that the bavarian municipal auditing association calculated the discharge fee "and therefore the correctness of the cost shares and the calculation itself can be assumed."

Mayor zehner announced that the municipality now intends to hire a lawyer to examine how to proceed in this matter. He also provided information about a discussion with AZV on wastewater metering. After that, long-term measurements will be taken again to get to the bottom of the rough fluctuations.

At a site meeting a few days ago, the local council members were convinced of the problems with the waterproofing of the existing buildings on the church square, which only came to light when the construction work started. This results in additional costs. The city council decided to postpone some of the waterproofing work on the school until the building is renovated. This will save at least 42.000 euros saved initially.

The photovoltaic plant rannungen II is to be expanded. For this purpose, changes are needed in the land use plan and in the development plan. The municipal council discussed the results of the hearing of public representatives. There are no problems or objections here. The municipal council, the majority of which is also in agreement, nevertheless withdrew its consent to the change of the development plan. First, the operator still has to agree in writing that he will take care of repairing the paths and planting replacements.

At a site meeting a few days ago, the municipal council members were convinced of the problems with the waterproofing of the existing buildings on the church square, which only came to light when construction work began. This will result in additional costs. The council decided to postpone some of the waterproofing work on the school until the building had been renovated. This will save at least 42.000 euros initially saved.

Drinking water will be significantly more expensive in the municipality from 2019. The price per cubic meter will increase over the next three years from 1.68 euros to 2.28 euros, an increase of almost 36 percent. In the calculation period from 2016 to 2018, there was a deficit totaling 32.000 euros to be offset in the calculation period 2019 to 2022. -lawyer should contribute to clarification of the rannunger wastewater quantity

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