Dogs, horses and ferrets came together in vierzehnheiligen

Every year, the blessing of animals and humans in basilica square is an exciting event for four-legged and two-legged friends alike. Traditionally, it takes place on the anniversary of the death of the founder of the order, franc of assisi (3. October 1226).

Father stanislaus wentkowski recalled that, according to franciscan conviction, man is responsible for his fellow human beings and for the whole of nature. He pointed out that animals are god’s creatures, which, like humans, are under god’s protection. They deserve reverence because this reverence is for everything created. The reverence for them is not least an expression of the reverence for their creator. "Francis makes us aware that we all have responsibility and care in nature. As a rational being, man has a duty to take loving care of his fellow human beings. For these, too, are created by god out of love – not just people", says the franciscan.

The responsibility that man has had in nature from the very beginning can be seen in the story of creation in the book of genesis," he said. "In this responsibility we stand now to the present day. Let us take st. Francis as an example and learn to love not only our own animal, but the whole creation", so the franciscan.

Father and dwarf rabbits

"Chilli" the mongrel dog from weibendorf near herzogenaurach shook himself as a few drops of holy water beaded off his brown fur. Master attila had been for the first time at the blessing of the animals in vierzehnheiligen. "Calimero" from ebensfeld, a female maremmano, loves to be patiently caressed by franciscan sister waltraud. The guard dog from abruzzo is raised with the sheep and then protects his flock. The guardian of the monastery vierzehnheiligen, pater heribert arens, had his fun with the dwarf rabbit that lea (5) had brought from konradshof. From the fearful chihuahua, the smallest breed of dog in the world, ferrets and funny guinea pigs to the proud steeds, they had come to the blessing of the animals. The guinea fowls watched the spectacle from their kafig, while the deep barking of the landseer joined in with the ringing of the bells. They seemed to come out of noah’s ark, master and mistress were happy about the warm rays of the october sun.

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