“Dorfrocker” on a spontaneous visit to sylbach

"We think that was…" – ralf naumann, educational specialist at the habberge day care center, always received a loud "great" in response to hear. The famous hans-rosenthal special praise was dedicated to markus, philipp and tobias thomann.
Despite a packed schedule, the three "village rockers" the children and teenagers of the facility a visit. The foyer in the sylbacher steigpfad almost resembled a small and equally packed concert hall. In addition to the students of the lebenshilfe, girls and boys from the neighboring elementary school as well as delegations from the residential home and the lebenshilfe workshop in augsfeld came to listen to the exclusive "unplugged" performance-concert of the three kirchaicher brothers to listen to. Almost 200 euphoric listeners – not only markus was thrilled. "That's really great", the 34-year-old was pleased about the great response, including the great atmosphere. At the same time, he emphasized how important such spontaneous visits are to him. "We were already a few times here in the lebenshilfe. And always the young people were really looking forward to us", he said.
For him, these contacts are an important part of the band's busy program. "If we can arrange it, we will continue to visit our friends in sylbach from time to time", promised the bassist.

"I'm happy"
No matter if "village child, "off goes the lutzzzi", the flyer's song or ingeborg-marie with her "deep-frozen pizza": everyone was enthusiastic about the likeable musicians. Like denise krause from ebelsbach, who is a big fan of the "dorfrocker" is. The 19-year-old, who has been working in the augsfeld workshop for a year, was given the performance in sylbach as a surprise, just like her eltmann friend carina, completely unsuspectingly. It was clear that the joy was great. "I am happy", the young woman was beaming from ear to ear. When they sang the song "vogelbeerbaum" together with carina and of course markus, tobias and philipp, they were very happy when she was allowed to present the concert, her happiness was perfect.
Of course the autographs of the three musicians from steigerwald were much sought after. As well as the following games of table football, table tennis and billiards. The informal discussions over coffee and cake in the daycare groups were somewhat quieter, but all the more informative. The "village rockers answered the children's and young people's questions as well as those of their supervisors.
"It was just great again", tobias thomann drew a positive conclusion at the end of the almost two-hour visit to lebenshilfe habberge. "A visit like this is absolutely no additional stress for us, it's simply fun", emancipated philipp.
The thomanns invited to their "village-air" at the end of the evening on saturday, 3. August, in their hometown kirchaich, to which several thousand visitors are expected and where among other things nicki as well as peter wackel provide for tendency.
After the "offene hilfen" (open help) area of life assistance already in the previous years at the dorfrocker-open-airs in bamberg with many fans was represented, is the visit in kirchaich naturally honorary thing. Denise krause and carina pflaum are also eagerly awaiting the event.

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