Extreme drought in the northeast – risk of severe weather in the south

Extreme drought in the northeast - risk of severe weather in the south

Drought in the north, persistent risk of thunderstorms in the south: the urgently needed precipitation is distributed very unevenly throughout germany.

The german weather service (DWD) in offenbach warned this thursday of further storms with a risk of flooding, which could occur locally and move from the center of germany to southern bavaria by friday.

Otherwise, according to the forecast, there are no rain clouds in sight. Parts of eastern germany are currently experiencing one of the worst dry spells since regular records began more than 55 years ago, according to DWD data. "At individual points, we are very close to extreme values," said agricultural meteorologist hans helmut schmitt.

The value of water that can be used for plants has fallen to below 30 percent in some places. "That’s just bone dry then," said schmitt. DWD analysis predicts extreme drought in parts of central to northeastern germany. There is no prospect of rain for the affected areas for the time being, said schmitt.

This means that the danger of forest fires will remain high to very high. Not far from ludwigslust in mecklenburg-vorpommern, firefighters have been battling a field and forest fire since wednesday evening, but were forced to retreat after several explosions of ammunition remnants from the second world war because of the danger to their lives.

There is also a fire at a former military training area in brandenburg. The ausmab of the fire is getting rougher and rougher. In the meantime, between 350 and 400 hectares of the lieberoser heath are affected, the oberforsterei cottbus announced on thursday evening. "There are still pockets of embers everywhere, which will certainly keep us busy until the next heavy rain," said chief forestry officer siegfrid ludecke. The fire alarm went off shortly after 11.00 o’clock on. Then the fire spread. 43 fire engines and a helicopter of the federal police were in action.

According to the DWD forecast, the south is in for another hot weekend with temperatures of up to 30 degrees celsius. Temperatures are more pleasant in the north with 18 to 24 degrees celsius. "Only on sunday, between the baltic sea and the erzgebirge, some showers may pass through, but they will not weaken the dryness in any way", explained meteorologist helge tuschy.

Meanwhile, worries about german wine are not necessary: the grapevines can still reach water reserves via roots up to twelve meters deep, as the german wine institute explained. Maturity development so far looks good, he said, with a two- to three-week head start on development.

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