Farewell to school district director loffler in coburg

The head of the state education authority for the county and city of coburg, director of the education authority werner loffler, retired on friday in a ceremony. At the same time, the new school board members stefanie mayr-leidnecker and ulrich barth were appointed to their positions.

District administrator michael busch, also on behalf of mayor norbert tessmer, thanked the outgoing director of the school district, loffler, for his tireless commitment to the school district. Loffler is now ending a career that has been his life's work for four decades. Loffler had carried this out with expertise, tact and patience. Predictability, trust, openness and willingness to help are the hallmarks of the outgoing director of the school district, according to busch.

Busch: a new appointment should not take so long

Dedicating himself to the education of young people, said busch, was a beautiful and rewarding task, but also a rough responsibility, especially since loffler had been active for some time as a lone campaigner in the school district office. In this context, busch addressed critical words to the president of the government of upper franconia, heidrun piwernetz. It is unbearable, said the district superintendent, that it takes so long to fill positions that have been. "Medium-term personnel planning would also be highly advisable in this area", he emphasized. The district of coburg has taken a very close look at the development of the schools in order to ensure that good educational conditions are guaranteed. For this reason, a staff unit "education, social affairs and culture" has been set up at the district office had been set up. "With the goal of showing that "education is written in capital letters", said bush.

In his speech, the district administrator also addressed technological change and the challenges it poses for the teaching profession. "In the future, this will occupy us more than the question of whether or not we have to close one school or another."According to busch, teaching plans will change rapidly in the coming years. "So let's invest more in content than in bureaucracy."

Government president heidrun piwernetz called the school inspectorate an important player in the education system. She thanked loffler for his hard work as a teacher, principal, school board member, superintendent of schools, and superintendent of technical services. Loffler's career began in 1975 as a teacher trainee at the elementary school in windheim, followed by several positions before he became principal at the elementary school in kups in 2002. According to piwernetz, he promoted all-day schooling and advocated for all-day instruction in the M-train. In 2008, loffler came to hof and, since 2013, to the state education authorities for the district and the city of coburg. In 2014 he was appointed director of the school district.

Werner loffler expressed his gratitude, visibly moved: "when I started my teaching career in 1975, I didn't think it would be possible for me to say goodbye like this." During his time at the school, there were good and not so good phases, but: "i didn't want to miss any of these experiences. I am grateful for every encounter."

A roundabout way to the school board

New school councilor and deputy head of department is stefanie mayr-leidnecker. The educator worked as a principal at the burg-mainroth elementary school and most recently at the state education authority in the district of forchheim as a school councilor. The new school board member ulrich barth came to the teaching profession in a roundabout way. He was initially an executive in industry and came from nurnberg to upper franconia and finally to the state education authority. The new team at the school office is completed by uwe dorfer, who could not be present due to illness.

God's blessing spoke dean andreas kleefeld, gisela jahreib and susanne gebhardt congratulated on behalf of the staff council, school psychologist helga geheeb offered congratulations with an interpretation of the song "greek wine" and the teacher band played. Also, the schools of the elementary school ebersdorf and the choir of the pestalozzi school coburg framed the celebration with songs.

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