Firefighters lift in the weight room

Firefighters lift in the weight room

In the rough assembly room of the fuchsstadt fire department, the commanders met for their working meeting under the leadership of the responsible district fire inspector (KBI) peter sell. In addition to interesting technical presentations, the long-awaited introduction of digital radio was also a topic, the trial operation of which was announced by district fire chief oliver lukashevich for the end of the first quarter of next year. "We expect the complete number of endgerates in the following year, i.E. In 2015.", said lukashevich. Until then, there would be a transition period of analog and digital radio at the fire department. "I hope that the radio holes in heiligkreuz and heckmuhle will soon be a thing of the past", according to KBM.

Exercising body and mind
During their operations, the young firefighters are sometimes physically injured and even exposed to psychological extreme stresses. "How nice it is when body and mind are prepared for the interplay of the different stresses", irma sell from hammelburger TV / DJK promoted the demand for sports training in the fire departments.
"Then the firefighters will be so fit that everything from coping with heavy outages to the widespread disease of back pain will no longer be an issue", she said. Healthy reflexes for quick reactions and physical coordination are also important. "This also increases the feeling of self-worth", irma sell emphasized.
In line with the modern times, the fire departments now also present their preserved basic training. Regarding the "truppmann I and II" training objectives the module "training and education" is the modular basis and now, as a third module, the new "supplementary module", declared KBM thomas eyrich. The latter takes into account the individual equipment of the local armed forces.

New training period
Not only the targets, but also the variable training period has been reoriented since the previous year, informed eyrich. So the growing offspring of the floriansjunger should be kept in line. What connects today's fire departments are local computers and central server facilities. Both can't do without the right software programs. The district's EDP experts harald albert and technical advisor walter wild reported on the corresponding new features of the ELDIS and MP fire computer programs.

New representatives elected
To deputies in the hammelburg service area dieter ebert (diebach) was elected as commander, heinrich starrach (machtilshausen) was elected as association chairman and klaus wuscher was elected as district fire chief (KBM). The farewell of two preserved commanders was honored with thank-you certificates. "I enjoyed doing my commanding officer duty", confirms otto winter, who led the fire department operations in volkersleier for 24 years. Erich markart was first commandant in reith for twelve years and second commandant for six years. "Professional reasons forced me to quit, and I am happy that a successor has been found for this honorary position," she said, so markart.
"I myself was the first commander here in fuchsstadt for twelve years," promised, recalled mayor peter hart (CSU). Besides the sense for the 143-year tradition of the fuschter wehr was the will to own performance, the outstanding youth work and participation of women firefighters (for 30 years) to be commended.
With the fire department in the same boat felt first police chief alfons hausmann, chief of the hammelburger inspection, when he spoke about the good cooperation. For example, during joint operations on the occasion of highway accidents. "I can't understand the arson attacks – what is going on in these people's minds??", hausmann wondered.
District fire chief (KBR) benno metz also addressed this issue. "We have to sensitize young people right from the start", metz drew the conclusion from the arson traps of hammelburg, mabbach and bad kissingen. Special thanks from the KBR went to the federal police, who regularly provide driving safety training for floriansjunger has made possible. "I will think about the alarm system", metz promised in response to inquiries from unalarmed neighboring fire departments.

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