Fountain festival for village conservation

Children's cheerfulness, cosy get-together and relaxed conversation of adults, pleasant and homely sound of brass musicians determined the event in the center of nurn on sunday.
The reason for this was that the gymnastics ladies of the local sports club had invited people to the so-called fountain festival for the seventh time since 2010. Not only a large number of local residents came, but also guests from the surrounding area were allowed to be buried. Even mayor gerhard wunder, who had just returned that day from a long stay abroad, took the opportunity to pay a visit to his part of town.
The leader of the gymnastics group, vroni muller, had every reason to thank the many guests for coming to the event. At the same time she already invited for next year's fountain festival. Muller especially praised the music association nurn, which once again framed the social gathering with brass music at no cost whatsoever. Thanks were also given to her comrades-in-arms, who took care of the guests, and also to the men who supported her.
With the proceeds from this celebration, the ladies' gymnastics group will again ensure that the area around the fountain is kept clean, the area is maintained with plants and flowers and other spots in the village are maintained, in order to make a contribution to the preservation of the local image.

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