Full claim only with complete ring?

The community representatives in wiesentheid now have a somewhat clearer view of the issue of the bypass road. In the meeting of the municipal council not only the responsible planner alexander bar presented the current situation. With construction director stefan lehner from the state road construction office in wurzburg, a senior civil servant provided information on the current status. It was pointed out that the municipality could only get the 80 percent subsidy from the state if it built a complete ring around wiesentheid.

This was also pointed out by mayor werner knaier. Until now, the municipality had assumed that it might be able to dispense with the rough section to the west. Planner bar summarized the results of a conversation that the municipality recently had with the planning office and the authorities on the subject of the subsidy.

Lastly, the construction of a section in the northeast, approximately from the exit of the B286 at the blood bank to the road to prichsenstadt, was investigated. From there, a continuation of the route to the road to reupelsdorf is being considered, the municipality would like the planner to make proposals for variants in these sections. The following sections up to the road to rudenhausen were not debated at last.

It is clear that there will be no route from the B286 directly onto the road to prichsenstadt. The reasons for this were explained by baudirektor lehner. For several reasons this was much too auandig. On the one hand, too much flat was needed to make a descent. On the other hand, the federal government would probably not approve it because further passing lanes were planned on the B286. The distances to the exits were then too small.

In the debate, council member michael ruckel noted that the entire bypass would not be financially viable for wiesentheid without the government’s demand for it. The council settled on a few variants that will be pursued further. As a next step, the engineering office will make three proposals for the course of a complete bypass around the town.

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