Fun, cabaret and dear friends

TSV thundorf celebrated its 50th anniversary for four days with a colorful and varied program (we reported). The festival was marked by the visit of the swiss friends from thundorf in thurgau. A total of 29 people arrived by bus on saturday and stayed until sunday afternoon. The friendship between the two places with the same name really began in 1989, at the 1100th anniversary celebration in switzerland. At that time a 79 strong delegation from lower franconia traveled there. Turnusgemab then took place in the course of the years again and again meetings in both thundorfs.

Bench and nub tree

The swiss group was led by the newly elected president of the municipality daniel kirchmeier and the councillor responsible for culture felix jenni. The swiss met in the town hall, where they were received by mayor egon kloffel. Here everyone signed the golden book of the community and mayor kirchmeier expressed his joy about the friendly reception. As a gift, the guests from thurgau brought a sturdy bench, decorated with both local coats of arms carved into it, and a nub tree. They transported both gifts with them on sunday during the procession and also distributed kase from their local barracks to the spectators at the side of the road.

Mayor kloffel then invited the guests to a guided tour of the fire station with the participation of commander lothar seufert, as well as a visit to the festival hall. At the community brewery there was a drink of brewer's beer for the visitors and an original mug for everyone. Back in the tent the firefighters from thundorf in der oberpfalz were already waiting for them. They had organized a club outing and chosen thundorf in lower franconia as their final destination. There is also a long lasting contact with them.

Both groups were in a great mood and sang and clapped with the group "drum-rum" and then with the rhonian group "bergwerk der steiger kommt" (the miner comes), with. The two swiss musicians fredy schnyder and the eight year old melina grimm also had some performances and thrilled the guests with their alphorn performances.

Stoiber, merkel and the kini

The festival started on friday with the "antenne bayern-band" and "florian weib" started. The responsible persons had expected more people. Those who were there, however, did not regret it, because the band members mastered their instruments and heated up powerfully. This did not change when florian weib was responsible for the music and entertainment from about midnight onwards. The course of events on sunday morning up to and including the procession has already been reported.

On sunday evening the absolute highlight of the festival was the performance of wolfgang krebs. One hoarded many voices, which were of the opinion, krebs is in no way inferior to michl muller. It was a terrific performance and the audience had a lot to laugh about. His parade role is the impersonation of the former prime minister edmund stoiber, but also horst seehofer, markus soder, joachim hermann or even the bavarian kini and the chancellor were built in his program. Krebs also corperated the sly schlawiner schorsch scheberl from "untergamskobenzeibgrubengernhaferlverdimmering. But also the contributions to the jubilee of the TSV thundorf were not missing. The cabaret artist was well informed about the chronicle of the sports club and brought it to the attention of the audience.

More visitors came to the final day on monday than in the days before. Whether it was due to the boiled meat or the backpack musicians could not be determined. In any case, the TSV was pleased with the full hat. 

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