Green proposals fail

The weisendorf main, finance and culture committee was actually supposed to make a recommendation to the market town council on the 2020 budget in november. However, mayor heinrich sub (UWG) requested that the budget not be passed until the new year because there was still a need for clarification on some items. Now chamber christina strunk presented the budget statute and the budget plan with changed figures again in committee.

This year, the administrative budget amounts to around 12.5 million euros in revenues and expenditures, and for the property budget, the chamber calculates with 18 million euros in revenues and expenditures. Before the meeting, the committee members had the opportunity to study the draft budget statutes and budget and its annexes that had been sent to them. With eight votes against one, the figures were acknowledged and the market town council was recommended to approve the budget and to remain in agreement with the budget statute 2020.

No new position

Two motions from bundnis 90/die grunen, which were relevant to the budget, were discussed prior to the recommendation resolution on the 2020 budget. It was requested that a new position be created for municipal youth care in the 2020 employment plan. As christiane kolbet (grune) explained, community youth work is a duty of a municipality with more than 730 children and young people between the ages of 11 and 20. The administration estimates the financial resources for a full-time position at around 40,000 euros. The proposed resolution to create a full-time position in the staffing plan for municipal youth care was rejected by eight votes to one.

Bus stops in view

The second request was to allocate more than 50,000 euros for the renovation of the bus shelters. Because a burger-friendly opnv service also includes well-maintained stops: bus shelters that offer sufficient protection from the weather, comfortable seating, clean litter bins and sufficient secure bicycle parking spaces. "There is a need for action in weisendorf", explained christiane kolbet.

As in december, the administration referred to the current preparation of a concept for the bus stops in the municipal area. In addition to the necessary renovation measures, the inventory of seating, ashtrays and litter bins was also recorded.

The proposed resolution "the municipality of weisendorf shall allocate the following funds under budget item 0.7691.5000, maintenance of bus shelters, 50,000 euros for the renovation of bus stops, two council members voted in favor and seven were against, so the motion was defeated.

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