Handler, bicycle brigade and a lot of music at the habfurt spring market

Under the motto "habfurt in motion the habfurt aktiv action group (AHA) and the city of habfurt organized this year’s spring market, which was very well received by guests from the habberge district and beyond. Not only because of the first bicycle bourse of the AHA, where 18 children’s, women’s and men’s bicycles were offered for sale, an incredible number of visitors had come to habfurt by bicycle.
This is how mayor peter kraus from gadheim had started his sunday excursion to habfurt on his bicycle with his wife and two children. "We cycled along the main cycle path and now we want to eat an ice cream and look around the shops", said peter kraus.
Councilwoman helene rumer and her husband josef from prappach in turn had cycled to the county seat to look for a bicycle for their granddaughter. Elfriede and hans szczecina from gochsheim were also among the hard-working rompers. "Our bike tour today took us to habfurt, because we always like it here very much", they told. While enjoying ice cream and drinks, they listened to the band "no nonsense", who entertained the guests with swing and jazz in the market place. "A rough praise to the musicians", said hans szczecina, and his wife added: "without culture, life would be boring."
Music was also provided by the children of the habfurt elementary school, sylbach schoolhouse, under the direction of their teachers heike heumann and anja ruff. They sang several songs and after a rough applause by the numerous spectators collected for the action chernobyl children. Each donor received a card with a spring poem painted by the children. Afterwards, the students received a small gift from mdb sabine dittmar in the SPD deputy’s office, before the opening of the exhibition with pictures of children from chernobyl took place there.
"We would like to offer our office also for picture exhibitions to local artists", said sabine dittmar at the vernissage. "We would like to thank erwin koch from unfinden, who founded the chernobyl aid in 1991 and also initiated a painting competition. For he has provided us with the pictures of the children aged ten to fifteen, which can also be purchased from us until mid-july." The proceeds from the sale will be donated to the chernobyl aid.
Everybody had chosen the date of the chernobyl catastrophe, the 26th day of the year. April 1986, imprinted in his own way, and it is important to remember it even today, he said. "Because it reminds us that nuclear power is uncontrollable, sabine dittmar emphasized. She is happy about the phasing out of nuclear energy and about the fact that the last nuclear reactor in germany will be taken off the grid in 2022.
Andreas linder, who visited the exhibition with his daughter eva, reported that he had been in the german army at the time of the chernobyl disaster. "We had to guard the whey train with the contaminated whey powder, which was stationed in our barracks in straubing", he paid.
The program of the spring market also included performances by the "dance crew fit 4 life" under the direction of christina neumer and carolin bittner on the marketplace filled with visitors. The five dance groups, the dance dwarfs, dance minis, dance kids, dance funnies and teens, with their 70 dancers of various ages, received thunderous applause for their impressive performances. As a reward, everyone was treated to an ice cream donated by the AHA.
At the stand of the traffic police and the habfurt police, children could win nice prizes in a quiz, while traffic educators dominique heim and matthias krapf talked about "bicycle safety" informed and distributed flyers.
In addition, the market traders, who offered jewelry, watches, cloth, household appliances, cards, sunglasses, soaps, bags and much more, were just as popular as the ice cream parlors and cafes.
AHA adviser hachem farmand said this evening that he was very pleased with the rough response that the program offered in the marketplace found among the guests and the people of habfurt. He described the first bicycle flea market as a partial success, since in addition to the bicycle accessories, half of the bicycles on offer were sold by their owners. "However, there was more interest in the bicycles in the lower price segment. Therefore, the offer and the sale can certainly be optimized at future events", he said.
Traditionally, open sundays are very busy days for the retail and catering industry. A flash poll conducted by AHA consultant hachem farmand before the end of the event confirmed this trend, and the respondents were very satisfied. Certainly, the interesting offers in the store and the attractive program, but also the nice weather attracted the visitors to the city. "Our conclusion is: all in all it was a successful spring market", summed up hachem farmand.

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