Hunt for ex-police officers in us raises questions

Hunt for ex-police officers in us raises questions

The body has not yet been identified, but it is assumed that it is the wanted 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner, it said on wednesday. The search for the suspected quadruple murderer has been suspended, sheriff john mcmahon announced in san bernardino county.

After a week-long manhunt, the former police officer dorner was caught by investigators. His hideout, a vacant mountain cabin near the town of big bear, was stormed by response teams. The building went up in flames. "We didn’t intentionally set the hat on fire," mcmahon said. The explosion was attributed to tranengas and other flammable gases. In the USA, there had been criticism of the procedure of using fire against the suspected killer. It remained unclear at first whether dorner took his own life in the hat.

U.S. Media also questioned why the fugitive was not apprehended more quickly despite a massive manhunt in the mountain region. Apparently, he had been hiding near response teams and homes for a scant week.

Dorner had been suspended from police service in 2009 following disciplinary proceedings. In a message on his facebook page, he portrayed himself as a victim of racism, among other things, and threatened more than two dozen people, including former colleagues, with violence.

In the course of his revenge campaign, dorner allegedly killed three people, including a police officer, last week. Another police officer was killed wednesday in bullet fire with thorns. The victim was buried with a rude ceremony in the presence of numerous colleagues.

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