In the crossfire of criticism

Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) had a great deal to report at the town hall meeting in the multipurpose hall. The spectrum ranged from the church square to the water supply to wastewater and the "vexed issue" multi-purpose hall. Day care will not be available as soon as desired because caritas and diakonie are not prepared to operate it. There will be a cistern in the school and churchyard into which the water from the town hall, the school, the youth center and one side of the church roof will flow, according to zehner. The water is to be used as loschwasser and to the gieben. The only drawback is the cost: the schoolyard alone costs 1.3 million euros instead of one million, and the entire renovation costs 1.9 million euros, including the youth center. The municipality receives 800,000 euros in subsidies, which means that it has to raise 1.1 million itself. "The budget gives it, that does not hurt us yet. This would be possible without debt, if this was the only purchase", commented the mayor.

In 2014, the municipality was connected to the wastewater association of the upper werntal communities. Since then, the measured wastewater quantities have been criticized again and again. For this reason, the municipality called in the arbitration board at the district office in schweinfurt. Fridolin zehner calculated that the municipality sells about 120 cubic meters of drinking water per day, most of which ends up back in the sewer. However, the measurement results for the wastewater are often much higher. The reason has apparently been found: a backwater was able to form at the measuring device. The damage is repaired, said tenner. The mayor also discussed the construction of the new water supply system. It is planned to build new concrete deep tanks or steel high tanks with a capacity of two times 200 cubic meters at the johannesberg. The municipality is recovering a large part of the costs of around 1.6 million euros from the residents: everyone is expected to pay around 90 cents per square meter of land. About six euros per square meter of floor space will be dropped. The owners of undeveloped building plots pay instead six euros per square meter for a quarter of the plot area. Zehner hopes that this will be an incentive for the owners of some undeveloped plots to sell after all, because there are many young people who want to build.

On the "vexed topic of the multipurpose hall zehner explained that the municipality is applying for a grant from a 45 percent federal demand program. However, nothing has been decided yet. Otherwise, there would be a maximum of 900,000 euros from the european agricultural fund for rural development (EAFRD). The second mayor werner keller emphasized that the 400.000 euros, which were in the budget for the hall in 2018, were not needed this year. They will be reinstated in 2019 "or even a little more." He said that the planning of the hall had been put out to tender throughout europe. The bids received were reviewed. Three applicants will be invited in 2018 if possible. Regarding the planned day care center in schuldengasse, burgermeister zehner announced that the company wolf-haus had been commissioned to build the center, but that no operator had been found so far. The diaconia and caritas have cancelled. Now other operators are to be approached.

In the discussion that followed, the mayor and the councillors present had to listen to a lot of criticism. Klaus erhard complained that the municipal council had passed resolutions that violated the municipal code. Due to the expensive renovation of the church square, the renovation of the multi-purpose hall is postponed until never-never day. This also applies to the designation of a building area. All possible solutions for the road from rannungen to rottershauen were blocked. The accusations culminated in the remark that some local councils were putting their own interests before public welfare. Erhard received applause from many burghers for his efforts. The church square had been a high priority since 2016. One must concede to the municipal council that it makes decisions to the best of its knowledge and belief, even if opinions differ, commented mayor zehner.

Altburg mayor manfred hoffmann noted that the number of inhabitants has been decreasing for years, which also means fewer financial resources. "What made the city council decide not to develop the planned area??", he wanted to know. Prospective builders were told to "get off my back" and build elsewhere. The most important concern, above all others, must be to keep young people in the village. On the subject of interior development demanded by the community, hoffmann said "i don’t think some local councils want to move into or convert one house or another." Church administrator joachim markert took on the church square and wanted to know why first 900,000 and now 1.9 million euro costs were mentioned. He demanded "leave the youth center and develop the brunnenstrabe." The 900,000 euros mentioned earlier were the net price without architects’ fees and value added tax, replied mayor zehner.

Markert therefore felt "led around by the nose, because an amount was mentioned that was not at all correct." It was also criticized that the construction trailer, which served as a meeting place for young people, is no longer allowed to stand in the old quarry on the instructions of the district administration. In other communities something like this is possible. Fridolin zehner emphasized that this area is designated as a water protection area.

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