Inauguration of the experimental workshop

The new experiment workshop was officially inaugurated and opens up an interesting and fascinating world for the children. So they not only get answers to their questions, but also learn to understand and comprehend, and can try out many things for themselves. However, it is not only the elementary school students who will benefit from the new space, but it will also be used by the working group (AG). It consists of the preschool children from the two marktrodach kindergartens and the schoolchildren from the 2nd grade. Elementary school class.
Annegret hummrich: "this working group has been in existence since the 2013/14 school year, but it was always a hell of a mess, because we didn’t have our own room for our experiments. We always had to lug everything back and forth, we could never leave anything standing. Now we are happy about a great equipment with a lot of storage space." A sensible use has been found for the former classroom, she says, and goes on to argue: "we don’t want to stand still, we want to develop further, we want to realize ideas." The establishment of an experiment room was made possible by the financial donation of the couple reinhard and maria ultsch.
They explain the reason for this request as follows: "an investment in education generates the highest possible returns. Our money goes here one-to-one and that is very important to us." Mayor norbert grabner also spoke of the fact that the municipality is happy to "invest in the future" and was pleased that in the elementary school the money is always used in a meaningful and appropriate way. Gisela rohde, head of the school authority in kronach, was particularly impressed: "mrs. Hummrich always takes the parents and the teaching staff on board and thus maintains the unity of an optimal family community."

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