Internal firefighters’ cup went to jonas neidlein

internal firefighters' cup went to jonas neidlein

The fire department of prugel was able to fulfill its task as a local fire department. This became clear at the annual general meeting.

According to chairman frank brinschwitz, a visible sign of the local fire brigade's commitment was also the prugel culture hall, because in a joint action, the members of the fire brigade and garden friends had laid a new floor and fundamentally renovated the wall. Brinschwitz therefore expressed his appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of the delegates. A lot of things are on the "small service road" with the municipal administration and the main fire brigade of altenkunstadt was done without any problems. Brinschwitz continued to report a positive development in membership and in this context also recalled social activities of the fire department such as the organization of the church consecration festival, participation in st. Florian's mass and the day of national mourning, visits to festivals, the senior citizens' afternoon and a christmas party.

Since the active firefighters had once again taken part in the local championships of the firefighters' association, brinschwitz presented jonas neidlein, the most successful firefighter in the firefighting community, with the challenge cup offered by the fire department.

Commander bernd engelhardt pointed out that the prugel fire department has 19 active members and can therefore fulfill its duties as a local fire department in every respect. It was regularly practiced and the readiness was also demonstrated at the firefighting week at a training in prugel. As in every year, the fire brigade provided barrier and security services at events. A special highlight was the commissioning of the new portable fire pump, according to commander bernd engelhardt.

Pit brought to the community by second mayor georg deuerling. At this point, he also emphasized the many tasks that all firefighters perform with their family members, which means that they are not only cultural carriers, but also contribute to the cohesion of the village. According to deuerling, the snowfalls of the past few days in particular have shown how far mutual assistance can go. He wished the fire department of prugel all the best for 2019, but above all few alarms in serious incidents. 

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