Jazz in all variations

Jazz in all variations

When the jazzclub bamberg was founded in 1974, jazz was not dead, according to a much quoted saying by frank zappa, but allegedly only smelled a little funny. Zappa contributed a lot to keeping jazz alive in the years before and after 1974, just as countless other musicians have done.

While jazz in a commercial context became increasingly soft-spun in the 1970s, and thus actually no longer made a very good impression, it was able to assert itself successfully in a niche market. And one such niche is undoubtedly the jazzclub bamberg, which will be celebrating its 45th anniversary in the coming season – in impeccable health, of course.

The potential is huge: whether with classical, folk, world music, rock or punk – jazz can be combined with practically any kind of music.

Also special concert planned

The bamberger club therefore offers a diverse autumn program and celebrates the anniversary with a special concert.

But in order: the "lazarev project group" opens the season on 21. September with world-class fusion jazz. The trio from bonn around guitarist igor lazarev borrows from rock, funk and latin and combines the whole thing with virtuoso craftsmanship to a driving mix of styles.

One week later, on 28. September, a strong concert is coming up: "the three ladies elegantly spanning an arc between tango, pop, jazz, bossa nova and world music. They often sing in three voices, play piano and bass. The styles are a colorful mix. They sometimes spoke english, sometimes bavarian.

Scandinavian jazz enjoys continuing popularity and should therefore also be performed on 19. October at the jazzclub, when the "daniel karlsson trio" will perform guest from norway.

Cosmopolitan music

Jazz pianist daniel karlsson will venture a crossover to classical music and electronics. Nordic jazz mixes with sounds from the middle east to create a cosmopolitan music that does not let itself be held back by national and genre boundaries.

A week later, on 26. October, visitors can look forward to the anniversary concert with the "matthias gmelin sextet" look forward. The drummer and bandleader is inspired by classic new york modern jazz. He will be accompanied by the renowned saxophonist jason seizer, who will give the concert that special something with his thoughtful and profound playing. Jazz trumpeter johannes faber and the exceptional musician tim collins (vibraphone) will also be playing.

According to the organizers, jazz club members can expect a little surprise at the box office. So early booking is recommended.

In november you can look forward to further fine concerts. On 2. November is the incredibly versatile drummer gunther baby sommer with his band to experience.

Home game in the cellar

And on 8. And 9. November johanna schneider comes home to the keller for the second concert with saxophonist hubert winter. The singer from bamberg is a "rising star" among the young jazz singers and has a strong following in the city.

Jazz lovers should also make a note of the last two concerts of this month: on 23. November comes the quartet "tiktaalik", which promises sophisticated, but at the same time down-to-earth and humorous compositions against all genre boundaries, and on 30. November the "izabella effenberg trio" performs accompanied by the multi-instrumentalist matthias schriefl on.

Other concerts at the club are given by local heroes like hale bopp and the "schweinsohr selection". Concerts start at 21 o’clock. Advance orders are possible through the website

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