Kulmbach communities are well prepared for the election

Kulmbach communities are well prepared for the election

For years, the mail ballot has met with increasing interest. Achim geyer, deputy chief electoral officer in the district, suspects that there will be more voters this time as well.

Nevertheless, he assures that voting at the polling station has not become more dangerous – despite corona. The opportunity for regular handwashing exists.

According to uwe angermann, chief electoral officer and chief business officer for the city of kulmbach, the increase in interest in the mail ballot is due to the fact that voters want to take their time when filling out their ballots.

This is better possible at home. The coarseness of the ballot papers and the voting mode also ensured that many people preferred to cast their vote by mail – also because they no longer had to provide a reason for doing so.

The brieahl can be used until friday, 13. Marz, in person at the municipal election office, by mail, fax or e-mail. In the case of exceptions, such as sudden illness, it will still be possible to apply for a ballot until 3 p.M. On election sunday. In any case, it is important to note that the ballot paper must be at the municipal election office by 6 p.M. On sunday, explains uwe angermann.

According to angermann, the city of kulmbach is well prepared for the election. There were a total of 320 election workers. The number of postal voting stations has been increased from seven to 20. In the meantime, 7,400 people from kulmbach have already cast their votes by mail. Uwe angermann assumes about 8,000 brieahlers in kulmbach. By way of comparison – in the last municipal election, 5,080 kulmbach residents cast their votes by absentee ballot. This corresponds to an increase of about 30 percent.

An increase can also be seen in guttenberg, the smallest municipality in the district. While 124 voters cast their ballots by mail in the municipal elections six years ago, this year the number has already risen to 161. Sonja ryttich, election administrator for the untersteinach administrative district, which includes guttenberg, also expects more voters to use the absentee ballot option. In the administrative community of untersteinach, 136 election workers are expected to ensure that voting runs smoothly on election day. In guttenberg, there are two polling stations, one of which is used as a polling station.

Similar is the situation in thurnau. More and more voters there are also voting by ballot, explains benjamin wich, electoral officer for the municipality of thurnau. There a total of 84 election workers support the municipality in the disbursement. 36 of them are responsible for the brieahl. According to wich, the people of thurnau are well prepared for the upcoming election.

In himmelkron, there are four polling stations and three absentee ballot stations, where 55 poll workers are helping to conduct the election, says nadine schodel, election officer of the municipality of himmelkron. Himmelkron is well prepared.

In marktleugast and grafengehaig, there is no sign of an increase in the number of briefe, says carolin korzendorfer, electoral officer for grafengehaig. Currently, 1,009 voters used the brieahl, 81 fewer than in the municipal elections six years ago. In marktleugast, there are two polling stations with a total of 24 election workers.

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