Lower franconia: two boys break through the ice while playing

It is currently bitterly cold in france, colder than ever this year. Nevertheless, most of the ice flats are not yet sustainable. Anyone who enters it nevertheless puts their life in danger. Recently, for example, the municipal garden office in bamberg had issued an impressive warning against walking on ice patches in bamberg.

Ice skating possible at konigsbad in forchheim
how dangerous a non-heeding of such warnings can be became clear on sunday in aschaffenburg in lower franconia. As the police reported on monday, two boys (both 9 years old) were playing on the schontalsee shortly before 12 o’clock on sunday. They suddenly collapsed through the frozen surface layer of ice and were up to their hips in water. The lake currently has a water depth of just under one meter.

Tomorrow’s weather in the weather ticker: franconia continues to shiver under hartmut – it’s getting even colder

fortunately, the boys were able to save themselves on the ruined island by their own efforts. The aschaffenburg fire department brought both of them to "land" brought back. Both were slightly chilled, but uninjured.

Aschaffenburg police issue an express warning against walking on natural ice surfaces. The ice layer is currently not (yet) sufficient for activities of any kind. There is currently an acute danger to life.

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