Man sentenced to four years behind bars for sexual assault

26-year-old romanian now behind bars for four years. On 17. In march of last year, he was out and about in the city center of coburg in the early evening with a friend who was also from romania. There was an encounter with a 15-year-old girl who was out with friends and had arranged to meet the defendant by text message. Previously, she had met the cousin of the rumanian at a carnival event, who then passed on her number.

At the equestrian monument in the courtyard garden, the first attempts at a rapprochement were made. Witnesses reported that the man held the 15-year-old's head to kiss her. She was able to fend off further attempts. Later, however, the teenager was with the two men in their shared apartment in the grafengasse and was held there by the defendant.

Dragged into apartment against her will
How exactly she got there could no longer be determined by the district court's gross juvenile division. It is obvious that she was dragged into the apartment against her will. In each case the romanian locked the apartment door from the inside. Hemorrhages on the girl's forearms indicated that she had been forcibly restrained.

Nevertheless, she had the opportunity to make several phone calls from there and to arrange help through her friends. When the police then entered the apartment, the now convicted man was standing uncovered in the entrance area, while the fully undressed girl was calling for help from the bathroom.

Prosecutor christoph gillot came to the conclusion that the defendant "in the further course of the sexual intercourse to accomplish and this was prevented only by the timely intervention of the police officers.

The transcript of the police interrogation of the other man, who was also charged with failure to render assistance, but who could not be located and was strongly exonerated by the victim, supports this assumption. The man, who is believed to have left for his home country, also confirmed that the 15-year-old girl fought back when she was undressed by the accused. In addition, he allegedly touched her on the chest and upper thigh.

In romania, age does not matter
To the wurzburg expert witness anatoli abramovic, who prepared a psychiatric report, the defendant also said that his cousin had given him the girl's telephone number and "left her with him" had. She was a "light girl" in fourteen saints. In romania, it does not matter whether a woman is an adult or not. The accused did not show remorse.

The expert came to the conclusion that the defendant was fully culpable. Various medical examinations showed no abnormal findings. The alcohol level of no more than two per mille at the time of the crime also does not suggest reduced culpability due to the defendant's heavy habitual drinking.

His suspected "sporadic excessive consumption of addictive substances" also did not affect the culpability. In fact, the defendant has facets of an "abnormal personality" reveals. "Particularly pragnant appeared a low empathy and an egocentric and superficial thinking", the expert reported.

In romania, the defendant has already been convicted of assault and theft. Prosecutor gillot also spoke of two attempted but unpunished murders. All in all, the defendant's "attitude is simply to be considered socially harmful".

In addition to the sexual offense and the associated bodily injury, the defendant was also convicted of common property damage and prisoner mutiny. Together with a cellmate he tried to escape from custody.

Penal code as a hammer
With a "criminal code as a hammer" with eating utensils as tools, the two made a desperate attempt to damage the wall and bars of the correctional facility in kronach, germany. However, the escape attempt was quickly stopped by the correctional officers.

At the end of the trial, the defendant said that he was sorry and that he regretted the act, which he could not remember at all. Only he did not want to have anything to do with the escape attempt: "i apologize, but i do not think i did anything." The chamber, on the other hand, saw it as proven that he was involved. In the end, his former cellmate has heavily incriminated him. Moreover, a law enforcement officer saw him handling the fence.

The court considered the facts of sexual harassment to be fully satisfied. With regard to a question of sexual abuse of juveniles, judge gerhard amend said: "the chamber is of the opinion that there has been contact." A prison sentence of four years would therefore be appropriate. 

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