Many ideas for Weitramsdorf

The ASB quarter house was well filled when max kraublich, the mayoral candidate of the free voters, revealed his ideas for the future development of weitramsdorf. The basis was a burger survey in which 2188 households were asked to state their ideas. The return rate was 14.4 percent.

Eight top themes emerged, which florian klugling first presented in individual presentations. Max kraublich then went on to explain solutions, which, as he put it, "are not ready-made" should be.

From the town center to the internet

With regard to weitramsdorf's town center, kraublich mentioned a bus station, the redesign of the strabenfuhrung, the integration of the town hall into the albrecht building, a multigenerational building and doctor's house, a residential complex, store space and a park.

Models for medical care could be a branch office of regiomed, family practices with independent physicians or the employment of several physicians through the diaconia station. The construction of a new, barrier-free and modern building by the municipality, including rental, was considered. "Offensive advertising" should be operated for this, said kraublich.

Since 44 percent are not supplied with fast internet and there is a high level of dissatisfaction, kraublich says the federal demand program and the digital pact of bavaria should be implemented with the goal of comprehensive fiber-optic supply.

Gastronomy "lacks a lot, said kraublich. He therefore proposed to take advantage of the municipal demand program for innkeepers and to establish a burger cafe in the center of the village.

In terms of youth work, kraublich advocated the introduction of a youth parliament and a multigenerational building in the center of the village. "We want to become a child-friendly community", he said.

The lack of support from associations was criticized in the survey. Therefore a guideline for the demand of the preservation, the new building and the modernization of real estates of the associations is planned. Other priorities included the introduction of a flat management system, a council information system, a dedicated app, a free official bulletin and quarterly castle meetings. 

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