More short-time work

More short-time work

In the second half of the year, the labor market in the main-rhon region proved robust despite the weak economic phase in some sectors. In october, this sector remained in very good shape, with an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent and 7246 unemployed people. In september, 289 more unemployed persons were paid, and the rate was 0.1 percentage points higher. In the previous year, the level of unemployment was somewhat lower, with an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent. At that time, 582 fewer people were registered as unemployed. In the district of bad kissingen, 1667 people were out of work in october (2.9 percent).

"The decline in the number of young people under 25 years of age is particularly noteworthy. Compared to the previous month, the number was reduced by 159 unemployed young people. After the summer break, youth unemployment usually declines again significantly. Many young people who were not taken on after their training have now been able to find a job with another employer in october", thomas stelzer, head of the agency for labor schweinfurt, reports. The number of people leaving employment and the number of people entering employment balanced each other out in october. 925 people registered as being unemployed. The number of people moving from employment to unemployment was almost the same, at 929.

The number of companies that had registered short-time work for their employees doubled compared to the previous month. Since september, the number of establishments increased from 29 to 56 in october and the number of people involved increased by 992 to 1657 workers. A year ago, the figures were at a significantly lower level. In october 2018, 14 companies reported short-time work for 129 employees.

"Due to the weak economic phase in some sectors of the labor market, companies are using short-time work to secure their employees. Due to the international economic uncertainties, the demand of companies for advice on the subject of short-time work is increasing significantly. The focus is on the automotive industry and its suppliers, as well as mechanical engineering, stelzer continues.

In october, 672 unemployed people with a refugee background were paid in the main-rhon region. This corresponded to 9.3 percent of all registered unemployed persons. In september, there were 57 more unemployed people with a refugee background.

Job seekers had access to a pool of 4762 vacancies this month. This was 275 fewer than in the previous month and 730 fewer than in october 2018.

As usual for the season, employers’ demand for workers increased slightly again in october. In the month under review, the placement specialists in the joint employer service of the employment agency and the job centers accepted 793 new job offers. This was 54 job applications or 7.3 percent more than in september.

Jobs in the healthcare sector

Demand for personnel was particularly rough in the health and social services sector. Here there were 711 vacancies to be filled. The area of trade and the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles also recorded a rough demand for workers with 540 vacancies. 502 of the jobs to be filled were in the manufacturing sector. Applicants also had good opportunities in the construction industry. There were 488 vacancies

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