Oberleiterbach church is stylishly illuminated

The church of saint laurentius is not only the landmark of the golden village of oberleiterbach, but also the pride of its inhabitants. That’s why the latterbochers love to renovate the interior of the exactly 500-year-old church in the anniversary year and recently completed work on the redesign of the awning area. The "icing on the cake has been on display for a few days: the defiant sacral building is now illuminated at night.

"I don’t remember exactly who it was who came up with the idea of illuminating the laurentius church", says church administrator ludwig hennemann. "At some point, the question came up and we decided to do this." The catholic church foundation thus fulfilled a heartfelt wish of many a local resident. Finally, the baroque landmark in the heart of the pampered village is no longer just a daytime attraction. Anyone coming to oberleiterbach from the direction of kleukheim or from the direction of reuthlos will now also be buried by it at night. "We deliberately decided to illuminate only these two sides, because the others are not so easy to see from the entrances to the town", reasons hennemann.

A total of nine modern LED spotlights were embedded in the ground along the foundation of the church nave and below the tower. The costs amounted to around 4000 euros. This makes "saint laurentius not illuminated, but discreetly lit – and so the marbling of the sandstone corpus comes into its own. "The lighting switches on automatically every day at dusk and ends at midnight. In the morning, the lights come back on at 5 a.M." Thanks to the modern technology, the calculated operating costs per year are extremely moderate: the church foundation estimates around 110 euros for this.

Ludwig hennemann’s team deliberately decided against illuminating the characteristic welsch hood. "For this reason, we had to set up stands for the lights around the church at an appropriate distance", he explains. And that had massively affected the homogeneous appearance of the church wall, access gate and church during the day. Moreover, the oberleiterbach church has a fortified character anyway – and so there is something to the fact that at night, when viewed from the long side, it looks somewhat like the giechburg castle. It is, after all, a fortress of faith – in one of the most beautiful villages in upper franconia.

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