Overcoming conflicts through dialogue

For the fourth time, the working group "interreligious dialogue neustadt" had invited invited to the common way of peace of the religions. Christians and muslims met to pray together for peace in three houses of worship.

With candle lights in their hands, the peace walk participants went to the first station in neustadt's "fatih-camii"-mosque. "Right welcome", ramazan kurt, chairman of the ditib turkish-islamic community of neustadt, buried all those present in the prayer room of the mosque. The religion of islam has the goal of leading people to happiness and inner peace, but should also apply to those people who have lost their goal and direction.

Do not confuse islam with terrorism

"Allah, the almighty, has given mankind responsibility, not to do mischief, but to build up the earth. This is possible by putting conscience, compassion and mercy, like him, in the heart of the person. We believe in the peace messages of allah, in all the prophets who convey this message to the people, in moses, in jesus, in mohammed. Our religion never condones terrorism, violence, bloodshed and attacks on the inviolable rights of others. While evaluating islam and muslims, we should not confuse islam with terrorism and muslims. With this perception, which were created as results of this evaluation, islam and the muslims are hurt", imam osman harbi exhorted.

The evaluation of muslims should not be based on a number of bad examples that are allegedly muslim or associated with islam. "So long we should stand against all those, terrorism, violence and attacks that threaten the peace". Islam protects human life! Persecution, violence and terror are a crime against humanity.

Against hatred and revenge

"Our attitude should be based on mutual cooperation, goodwill, benevolence and justice". May allah protect all mankind from hatred and violence, the believers prayed together. "From whomever we go, let us take with us love, peace and trust. May allah help all oppressed and harassed people in this world and protect us from all kinds of injustice, terrorism and any kind of violence. "O allah, help us to create peace, unity, solidarity and contentment and a safe world for future generations. Free our heart from hatred and revenge, fill it with benevolence and with pleasure. Amen".

"You are the salt of the earth, the light", pastor martin frenkler quoted words from the sermon on the mount in the evangelic city church of saint georg. "We are on the way together and station together. "We are the salt, the light of the world, and if we live by this motto, together as muslims, as christians, then we will only be able to do good in our lives, because we trust in god. That is the true mission in the christian sense", according to frenkler.

True islam in the heart is living and doing out of faith. "So we can understand the peace journey as a common religious journey, as a common mission: everyone celebrates his or her own faith and invites the others to share in this celebration, because faith means celebrating together".

"We are pleased to open our doors today to invite all who wish to pray and work for peace. All people, christians, muslims, who care about peace", buried pastoral minister martina braun in the catholic church of saint ottilia. Peace is important everywhere, in families, in cities and in the country, on the whole earth. "Where people walk together, reach out to each other, peace is possible, heaven and earth touch each other", remarked braun.

"Heaven and earth touch each other"

There peace had room to live in freedom, to meet each other with respect, rights were not broken, integration succeeded, insight and empathy led to relaxation. So god's kingdom can grow among us and take shape in a tangible way. "When the peace of god lives in our hearts and shapes our thoughts, we show it in the kind of love we have that does not exclude anyone, in the preservation of the rewards that make possible new beginnings, in the renunciation of hatred, violence, and the rejection of the past, in the rejection of the past, in the rejection of the past, in the rejection of the past, in the rejection of the past, in the rejection of the past, in the rejection of the past. Let us begin this peace wherever we can, so that it may radiate".

Set a sign

"Only by reaching out to each other, celebrating together, praying together, can we overcome the conflicts in the world", deacon rainer mattern (CSU), deputy district administrator, said. "I am glad that this peace walk has taken place again today, even if this year a little less people have participated in it. Nevertheless, it is important to set a sign for peace! We need it so badly in our society", neustadt's second mayor elke protzmann (CSU) said.

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