Dogs, horses and ferrets came together in vierzehnheiligen

Every year, the blessing of animals and humans in basilica square is an exciting event for four-legged and two-legged friends alike. Traditionally, it takes place on the anniversary of the death of the founder of the order, franc of assisi (3. October 1226).

Father stanislaus wentkowski recalled that, according to franciscan conviction, man is responsible for his fellow human beings and for the whole of nature. He pointed out that animals are god’s creatures, which, like humans, are under god’s protection. They deserve reverence because this reverence is for everything created. The reverence for them is not least an expression of the reverence for their creator. "Francis makes us aware that we all have responsibility and care in nature. As a rational being, man has a duty to take loving care of his fellow human beings. For these, too, are created by god out of love – not just people", says the franciscan.

Evening of blissful melodies

After the outstanding success of last year’s musical christmas tour, the international artists will once again present a two-and-a-half-hour gala full of highlights in the adelsdorf aischgrundhalle in december. Date is the sunday, 9. December, 7 pm. Admission is from 6 pm.

In the first part of the show, rough and emotional musical hits from "evita" are performed, "elisabeth", "cats", "phantom of the opera" and be heard by others. Afterwards, the world’s most beautiful christmas carols, "jingle bells", are played in the magical setting, "oh, you’re so happy, "white christmas, "silent night, "feliz navidad", "oh christmas tree and many more.

Speed skaters did not know about bouwman announcement

"We found out about it from the press," moritz geisreiter, athletes’ spokesman for the german speed skating association (DESG), told the "suddeutsche zeitung". His colleague leon kaufmann-ludwig explained that in his opinion this was no coincidence. It must have been clear to the provisional DESG president, matthias grobe, "that there was no approval from the athletes for this. It was only claudia pechstein and matthias grobe who had a public dispute with bouwman."

Grobe had announced in berlin at the beginning of the month that bouwman would be celebrating in writing the end of his employment contract on his 31st. July had been communicated. The dutchman announced legal action. The background to this is the year-long rift between pechstein and bouwman, since the latter declared that he had "no desire" to train the five-time olympic champion. Thereupon there had been a months-long mud fight between both sides.

Shut down heavy goods vehicle has been at a standstill for almost three weeks

Already on 22. In july, officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police department immobilized a heavy goods vehicle weighing 170 tons because it did not have a permit and was not traveling with the correct semitrailer. Although the transport is loaded with a very expensive press, no one seems to care about the good piece anymore, the police say.

The heavy goods vehicle was on its way to northern germany from italy and was loaded with a punch press that, together with the vehicle, weighed 170 tons. The italian driver had been arrested on 22. On july 1, his truck was stopped in a parking lot near marktsteft because of a flat tire and was checked there by the kitzingen police together with officers from the heavy traffic unit of the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police station.

More short-time work

More short-time work

In the second half of the year, the labor market in the main-rhon region proved robust despite the weak economic phase in some sectors. In october, this sector remained in very good shape, with an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent and 7246 unemployed people. In september, 289 more unemployed persons were paid, and the rate was 0.1 percentage points higher. In the previous year, the level of unemployment was somewhat lower, with an unemployment rate of 2.7 percent. At that time, 582 fewer people were registered as unemployed. In the district of bad kissingen, 1667 people were out of work in october (2.9 percent).

"The decline in the number of young people under 25 years of age is particularly noteworthy. Compared to the previous month, the number was reduced by 159 unemployed young people. After the summer break, youth unemployment usually declines again significantly. Many young people who were not taken on after their training have now been able to find a job with another employer in october", thomas stelzer, head of the agency for labor schweinfurt, reports. The number of people leaving employment and the number of people entering employment balanced each other out in october. 925 people registered as being unemployed. The number of people moving from employment to unemployment was almost the same, at 929.

Internal firefighters’ cup went to jonas neidlein

internal firefighters' cup went to jonas neidlein

The fire department of prugel was able to fulfill its task as a local fire department. This became clear at the annual general meeting.

According to chairman frank brinschwitz, a visible sign of the local fire brigade's commitment was also the prugel culture hall, because in a joint action, the members of the fire brigade and garden friends had laid a new floor and fundamentally renovated the wall. Brinschwitz therefore expressed his appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of the delegates. A lot of things are on the "small service road" with the municipal administration and the main fire brigade of altenkunstadt was done without any problems. Brinschwitz continued to report a positive development in membership and in this context also recalled social activities of the fire department such as the organization of the church consecration festival, participation in st. Florian's mass and the day of national mourning, visits to festivals, the senior citizens' afternoon and a christmas party.

“Better opportunities for children”

Decker immediately answered the question of whether a school expansion costing a good 1.1 million could still be justified in today’s world: "we wanted to go along with the ministry of education’s quality offensive and expand the range of schools on offer. An elementary school close to home with an in-depth requirement in the bound all-day school, a middle school with a strong vocational and practical orientation – here young people prepare particularly intensively for training and professional life. I think that businesses and trades are now eagerly awaiting such school leavers."

At the same time, the intermediate school-leaving certificate also enables students to continue on to a technical secondary school or even to obtain a general higher education entrance qualification and to enter a grammar school. "The domestic economy needs middle school graduates", decker stressed.

Eurozone slides into recession

Eurozone slides into recession

The second quarter of the current year had already seen a decline of 0.2 percent. Economists speak of a recession when economic growth is negative for at least two quarters in a row. The last time the eurozone had been in recession was after the global banking crisis began in 2008. At that time, economic output fell for five consecutive quarters until the summer of 2009.

The current recession is being blamed on the poor economic situation in the crisis-hit countries of southern europe. In spain, the third-quarter decline was 0.3 percent, in portugal 0.8 percent. Italy’s economic output also fell by 0.2 percent. Germany, europe’s largest economy, posted a positive performance of 0.2 percent.

A milestone: prosiebensat.1 launches streaming platform

Prosiebensat.1 boss max conze has asked hard-pressed shareholders for patience as he restructures the group.

At the annual general meeting in munich, he also announced a first tangible result for next tuesday: the free streaming platform joyn will then be launched with a good 50 stations, including ARD and ZDF. This enabled viewers to "watch german TV bundled in one app," said conze. In two years, he wants to reach ten million viewers and compensate for the decline in advertising revenues on traditional television.