Police apprehend burglar

police apprehend burglar

Already at the beginning of august it was discovered that the fence of the farm land had been cut open and that someone had entered the farm building. Two coarse copper kettles were dismantled and stolen. In addition, two laptops were missing from a buroraum.

Due to the circumstances of the crime, it was obvious to the police from the start that an employee was involved. After it was discovered on tuesday in the company that several windows were inadmissibly unlocked from the inside, the police initiated appropriate surveillance measures, which led to success and the arrest of the two men already in the first night. Both were observed entering through a previously unlocked window, helping themselves to various cable parts and then wanting to take away their loot worth about 4,000 euros in a car.

In the meantime, they have been proven to have committed several burglaries and money thefts, as well as two break-ins of construction trailers. Part of the loot has already been sold. The damage caused by them amounts to up to 25.000 euros.

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