Politics around the falterturm

Politics around the falterturm

A bit of luck is part of life. But of course it is also about meaningful chess moves. Perhaps this is why the logo of the recently founded prokitzingen association is reminiscent of toy figures grouped around the falter tower? Secretary helga muller laughs – and shakes her head: "no, the figures symbolize that we are close to the burghers and make politics from kitzingen for kitzingen."

Acting smart is nevertheless important – that's what seasoned mannerists like franz bohm and hans schardt have long known. The two city councilors split off from the CSU a good five years ago and founded their own political grouping: prokitzingen.

In order to put their non-partisan work on a broad basis, they are now in the process of launching an association: the prokitzingen e.V., from which a list of candidates for the new city council is to be generated in the near future. As is known, the municipal election will be held in march 2014.

"We want to be an alternative to the well-known groupings," states former kitzingen mayor franz bohm. Under the motto "from kitzingen for kitzingen", prokt wants to live up to its name and take care of the issues that are important locally and influence the lives of the people of kitzingen. "We will put up a list for the city council, but not a candidate for mayor," bohm makes clear.

"It's all about finding common-sense majorities." Franz bohm prokt

He is pleased that the club, which is still in the process of being notarized, already has 50 members. "They come from all over kitzingen and the local districts – and these are also the boundaries on which our association focuses."

The goal is to take care of the little things in life that often get lost in the day-to-day politics. "Cleanliness in the city, proper toilets, enough bicycle stands, a nice restaurant on the main – all that is just as important as some rough topics, such as the revitalization of the old town or, of course, the conversion," says bohm.

His club wants to make "politics out of practice". "Fortunately, we have many people as club members who really know their stuff and have their ear to the burger. For example, artur rohner or walter vierrether," bohm says happily. "We want to stand up for the city – completely independent of parties."

Loud party politics are in many cases not necessary or even obstructive. Anyone who wants to be involved in the city's well-being can become a member of prokt – even if they are already in a party. "It concerns us to find reason majorities."

The prokt people also already have very concrete goals. "The social city is very close to our hearts, and we will work for it," bohm emphasizes. "And we want to contribute to the revitalization of the city center by reopening the long-closed roxy cinema as a cinema and cabaret venue."

What else prokt plans? Franz bohm says with a grin before the official meeting for the city council list: "we don't want to move all our powder in advance." As experienced stretchers in local politics, they plan their chess moves carefully. "And, above all, close to the people," promise franz bohm and helga muller.

Independent of parties

History: more than five years ago, franz bohm and hans schardt left the CSU after internal squabbles. The two founded their own independent group and called it prokitzingen. In order to be able to run for the next election stronger, they now founded the association prokitzingen. The team: ten weeks after the foundation meeting, the prokitzingen e.V., which is currently going through the certification phase, already 50 members. The chairman is franz bohm, his deputy is hans schardt, the secretary is helga muller and the treasurer is dirk wittmann. The assessors are manfred hergert, susanne muller-orth and dietmar orth. Assembly: this tuesday, 10. December, takes place from 19 o'clock the open assembly for the city council list in the guesthouse "schranne".

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