Shut down heavy goods vehicle has been at a standstill for almost three weeks

Already on 22. In july, officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police department immobilized a heavy goods vehicle weighing 170 tons because it did not have a permit and was not traveling with the correct semitrailer. Although the transport is loaded with a very expensive press, no one seems to care about the good piece anymore, the police say.

The heavy goods vehicle was on its way to northern germany from italy and was loaded with a punch press that, together with the vehicle, weighed 170 tons. The italian driver had been arrested on 22. On july 1, his truck was stopped in a parking lot near marktsteft because of a flat tire and was checked there by the kitzingen police together with officers from the heavy traffic unit of the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police station.

They found out that the 65-year-old driver did not have a valid permit to carry out the heavy haulage operation. In addition, a different semitrailer was listed in the exemption permit shown for the vehicles. It was supposed to weigh 40 tons, be four meters high, 2.55 meters wide and 16.50 meters long, but in fact the truck weighed 170 tons, was 4.45 meters high, 3.75 meters wide and 30.50 meters long.

For the italian company it will be really expensive

The driver of the heavy goods vehicle had to pay a security deposit of 475 euros. According to the police report, however, it will be really expensive for the italian holding company. In addition to possible criminal offenses, such as forgery of documents, which must be punished by the italian authorities, the company will incur costs of over 60,000 euros for the so-called confiscation. In addition, there are costs of a civil nature.

In the meantime, the italian company has contracted a german heavy haulage company to transport the press to its final destination. When this transport will be carried out, however, is not known at the moment, it says in conclusion.

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