Sustainability in demand

Sustainability in demand

The past weekend was dedicated to the architect tours 2019, the motto this time: "pragen raume". In the city and district of bamberg, five different properties opened their doors and gave visitors the opportunity to talk to builders and architects.

In hirschaid, the new workshop and office building of the restoration workshop could be inspected. The new building completes the ensemble with the residential building and the beautifully landscaped garden. The workshop building, a simple rectangular floor plan, with a rough workshop, storage and administrative space, is already designed so that a later residential use can be realized with relatively simple tree removals.

For annette dehn, the idea of sustainability was at the top of the agenda. Not only that the new building with simple means could also be converted for living once, but also in the building materials used. Within twelve months, a "hybrid house with a wooden shell" was created, as johannes sieben, the architect, explained.

Especially since one wanted to have a constant room temperature on the approximately 280 square meters of usable space. Plastics were avoided as far as possible. Cellulose as an insulating material, silicate paints and lime plaster in the interior underline the owner's commitment to sustainability. In addition, the building is heated by geothermal energy, which in summer also provides a pleasant coolness via underfloor heating. A photovoltaic system on the roof is still to come, as well as an electric filling station. The cistern in the garden collects the rain water.

All work was carried out with regional companies. 

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