The demolition excavator rolls in rugendorf

As mayor ralf holzmann announced at the town council meeting on monday, the house at muhlleite no. 7, the local guardhouse just after the schoolhouse, has been demolished since tuesday. The former agricultural property is owned by the municipality after the former owners, who live on lake constance, could not find a buyer for the property; it is too rough, too old and too expensive to renovate.

A park with public access and a garden in the center is to be created on the site, for which a design by the landscape architects wirth and birkenbeul in kulmbach already exists. The project is registered with the "forderinitiative nordbayern" (subsidy possibility up to 90 percent) submitted. However, there are also plans to sell the land as building land for two or three private houses, as there is a demand for this. Parking spaces to be built next to the adjacent school building.

The lessons are not disturbed by the demolition work at present, because first the wing away from the school is demolished. Should the noise pollution become too loud during further demolition, the rugendorf classes could be relocated to the stadtsteinach school building at short notice, principal michael pfitzner informs us.

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