The maintenance of the new fire engine trailer still needs to be clarified

Rentweinsdorf- there was a need for discussion in the youngest session of the municipal council when it came to an agreement with the rentweinsdorf fire department association. The reason for the agreement was the purchase of a portable fire engine trailer by the fire department association. The fire department argues that the purchase was necessary in order to have two emergency vehicles, especially in the event of storms. Because the trailer belongs to the multi-purpose vehicle, so that it can also be alerted individually. This will make the defense force in rentweinsdorf more effective, they say.
Now a request was made to the rentweinsdorf municipal council as to whether the municipality would take over the running costs for the trailer. These costs are mainly insurance and new tires, according to the fire department. Nevertheless, the municipal council had reservations about simply approving this agreement. Kurt weisheimer asked the gretchen question: "and how do we proceed with the local fire brigades as a whole??" The council did not want to disadvantage anyone, but to treat everyone equally. For this reason, the council decided to postpone this item and to first consult with all local fire departments so that a unified solution can be found.

Vitality check for all

The vitality check, which is carried out by the baunach alliance, is also to be implemented for all parts of the community, contrary to the proposal from the administration, the municipal councils decided. "We're not forgiving ourselves, was the unanimous opinion of the council. Ernst hassler, the head of the administration, also pointed out that without a prior vitality check, village renewal measures would be difficult or impossible to implement. Although salmsdorf is currently undergoing village renewal, all parts of the community, including rentweinsdorf as the main village, should be included in the vitality check before later opportunities are blocked by not doing so.
The other items on the agenda, however, were dealt with by the committee as presented. The council approved the award of the contract for the creation of the sewer cadastre in the amount of 36,500 euros. For the wasserzweckverband, the building yard takes on many activities, including that of the water warden. This is to be handled also further in such a way. Nevertheless, the cash auditing association wants a contract to be concluded on this subject.

New pump for the fire brigade

By urgent order, the mayor had to renew the defective pump of the treinfeld muhle. The purchase of a new pump for the treinfeld fire department is also urgent. The old one is defective and can no longer be put into operation. A magirus pump for about 10 000 euros for treinfeld and sendelbach will be purchased in a double pack. In treinfeld, mayor sendelbeck wants to eliminate the traffic jam caused by telecom work at the junction of the settlement road with the county road. Here, a barrier is blocking the fubweg, so that schoolchildren and senior citizens with walkers in particular have to use the road.

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