The new conductor still sees potential in the choir

An eventful and busy year for singers and members of the "harmonie" singing society on the occasion of the annual general meeting at the "alte schule oberlangenstadt completed. The main point were the new elections of the board of directors. The result is as follows: 1.Chairman helmut martin, 2. Chairman karlheinz huhnlein (he replaces dieter wedel, who did not run for election due to health reasons). Ursula schopf was re-elected as treasurer, erich martin was elected as note-taker to replace the late rudolf zwingmann, members of the advisory board are wolfgang horstel, helmut and rudolf weber, stefan wein-

Man, christian hartlein and klaus schwemmlein. Wolfgang huttner, agnes kauffer and ottmar schroter were elected as auditors.

Chairman helmut martin gave a detailed report on the past sanger year.

The singers were involved in a total of 45 choir rehearsals and 24 performances. There was one new member among the singers and two among the members, but due to death there was a minus of five. The association currently has 20 active members, four honorary members and a total of 102 members.

Martin praised the dedication of the singers, who participated not only in their own choir rehearsals, but also in those of the community choir oberlangenstadt johannisthal schmolz and also those of the community choir of the singing group frankenwald.

Again, many secular as well as ecclesiastical occasions were framed with songs.

He described the change of the conductor as successful, which was also of great importance for the continuity of the choir.

The appreciation on the part of the burgerstiftung kups with an appropriate donation for the ge-meinschaftschor and thus proportionately also for the "harmonie" was joyfully accepted.

Burgermeister bernd rebhan stressed that the "harmony" the team is an integral part of public life and that the community choir has already made a name for itself as a new element.

Choir director annerose roder described the singers as eager and willing to sing, she could also recognize reserves that could still be awakened. The teamwork was very disciplined, the concentration was excellent. These ingredients, but also the excellent leadership of the chairman helmut martin were also the trigger for the takeover of the choir. Also the previous conductor agnes kauffer thanked for the good cooperation and the understanding that she can not be available anymore. For emergencies, however, she offered support. 

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