The receipt was in the courtroom

A 51-year-old woman got a hefty receipt in court for smuggling part of her purchases past a supermarket's self-scanning checkout counter. Judge sieglinde tettmann imposed a ten-month prison sentence, which she suspended for a second term of probation.

"I want to live a normal life, that is my only wish", said the defendant. In september of last year, the 51-year-old had pudding, cat food, tablets, and a bottle of "double heart" and six potatoes smuggled past a self-scanning checkout counter.

Because of 15 euros …

The total value of the goods was 15 euros. She had paid for the rest of her shopping as normal.

The cashier at the market's info point became suspicious because the shopper was visibly nervous. "I heard something rattle in the bag when she packed the goods", the cashier testified on the witness stand.

In fact, the defendant was extremely uncooperative toward her. She would not let them look in her pocket. Only when the deputy branch manager was called in did the company show understanding and make a confession.

"Even frightened"

"When I realized what I had done, I was shocked myself", the defendant said in court. The death of a friend must have been so close to her heart that she allowed herself to be driven to this act.

The accused had the "catch pramie", that the market has suspended for the capture of shoplifters, already paid the next day. In court, she was unruffled. However, the federal central register already showed 18 previous entries: 17 of them for theft. The 51-year-old has even had to serve prison sentences.

In the meantime, however, the woman is undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment. Your life is consolidated and stable.

The prosecutor asked for a custodial sentence of one year and three months to preserve. Defense attorney alexander schmidtgall pleaded for a much lighter sentence: just six months.

Drug problems under control

"The defendant had last been given a chance at custody in 2003. She has managed to keep her hands off drugs. She regularly sees a psychotherapist", according to schmidtgall.

Judge sieglinde tettmann chose the middle course and imposed a ten-month prison sentence on probation. In addition, the accused must pay 1200 euros to the animal shelter in kulmbach. 

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