Uberregional active thieves in custody

In recent weeks, the police in the districts of bad kissingen and rhon-grabfeld had repeatedly recorded thefts from jewelry stores. Obviously, the thieves took advantage of a favorable moment to steal jewelry undetected during the opening hours of the stores.

On saturday, around 10.50 o’clock, a witness then informed the police, because in a jewelry store in ostheim a parchen had behaved suspiciously. The man and the woman were interested in jewelry, but then fell in love with the store without buying anything. Since the jeweler had already been visited by a pair of thieves in recent weeks, the witness became suspicious and informed the police. The businessman reacted in an exemplary manner and was also able to remember the license plate number of the vehicle in which the two had driven off. Only later did the jeweler notice that the duo had obviously stolen a gold necklace. In the meantime, several patrols of the police inspectorate mellrichstadt and bad neustadt searched for the BMW of the couple.

Just 30 minutes later, another witness from a jewelry store in mellrichstadt also reported to the police that an elderly woman and a man had appeared at his house and were now looking around suspiciously in the store. Presumably it was the same unknown couple who had stolen jewelry worth several thousand euros in this store in the past.

After the unknown persons had left the premises, the police were able to check the vehicle of the two in the city of mellrichstadt as part of the manhunt. In the car, the officers found jewelry worth several thousand euros, which was apparently stolen in the past few days from the store in mellrichstadt. The necklace that had been stolen by the two shortly before at the jewelry store in ostheim also turned up at the checkpoint. The 73-year-old man and his fifteen-year-old female companion, neither of whom had a fixed abode, were then taken into preliminary custody.

As it turned out in the course of the criminal investigation by the schweinfurt criminal police, the parcels could be used for further thefts from jewelry stores in the region and in the suburban area. The investigation is ongoing. By order of the public prosecutor’s office in schweinfurt, the two were brought before the investigating judge on sunday. The latter complied with the prosecutor’s request and issued warrants of arrest against the man and the woman. Both were then taken to a correctional facility.

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